Alan Watts Asks The Fundamental Question, ‘Why Fight ?’

Alan Watts Asks The Fundamental Question - Why Fight

A thought provoking 4 minutes on the true nature of war and fundamental question of why we fight, by the late Alan Watts.

This video is more relevant now than it ever was with the wars going on all around in the world in countries such as Iraq, Palestine, Ukraine.

This video beautifully explores the true nature of war and asks just why do we fight, what is the point?

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Alan Watts speaks here on the sort of impossible utopia. He believed that all people were connected and that if we could just all stop fighting things would be all fine and dandy.

But I think he also knows himself that this is an impossible goal.

WARNING: This video contains distressing images, viewer discretion is advised

Fighting will never end, it is simply in human nature. Animals fight as well. The only difference is we’re able to use emotion to hold grudges which prolongs and amplifies the fight; but at the base everything fights at one point or another in it’s life.

There are wars today that are wrong, that are immoral. Soldiers go to war sometimes to kill people. But this does not take away from the fact that there are soldiers out there who mean to help;

All well and good until someone kicks down the door and shoots your family, What then..? The default position for life is to multiply and survive, nature has made it so, it cares nothing for Ideology our differences are man made, born of fear, and we all possess them.

Of course Mine is Correct and Yours is Not, that`s always the way, it`s just a matter of opinion and that may never go away, what seems right to one will always seem wrong to another.

Humans need lots of space to live and function well and reduce the risk of conflict and when we fear something we usually destroy it and that says a lot about where we are as a so called sophisticated society. We have a Long way to Go, Right…

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Fighting will continue… It’s silly to think we can stop it, we can only try to mitigate the damage. All these people (including myself most likely) will think, “Wow, I should do something. I’ll go on the news or join a group to rally against the wars the US is in!”; but in the morning we’ll wake up and forget about this.

It’s possible for some people to truly take action, but just like fighting and racism and hatred, often the individual does little to nothing besides make false promises. Welcome to the real world.

For people who think the fact stated at the end of the video is not true, are basically trapped in the hoax of mindless media injecting them with crap.. how would you know the reality unless you’ve really been to Iraq in those days.. ‘Official figures’ by the invaders are meant to HIDE facts… its been like that throughout History… wake up and stop looking up to facts you hear on the tube set at home!

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