Air-powered prototype car

Tata motors has planned to release the ‘AIRPOD’ air-powered urban vehicle. The three passenger transportation module uses compressed air instead of traditional alternative fuels like compressed hydrogen or natural gas for a carbon-neutral, zero-emissions ride. developed by MDI, its special engine works by extracting air pressure from its 175 liter storage tank on board, which refills itself either through an external pump or while driving with the help of a complimentary electric motor.

The vehicle reaches a top speed of 43 mp/h ( 70 km/h ), making it ideal for urban inner city travel in congested metropolis areas. with a range of over two hundred kilometers, it only takes around two minutes for a full tank, costing approximately one euro to fill.


airpod-air-powered-urban-vehicleThe Airpod urban commuter vehicle is fully powered by compressed air. The zero-emission vehicle and is set to come in three models; the standard 4-seater, the Cargo version, and the Baby, a 2-seater version. The AIRPod reaches a top speed of 43 mph, which would be applicable for inner city travel. It runs for 124 miles on a full tank of air which takes around two minutes to fill, costing approximately a euro for each fill-up.


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