A New Foot-Powered Washing Machine To Clean Your Clothes Off Grid

Living "off the grid" is about to get even easier!


This little washing machine can clean your clothes with 10 liters of water and no power

For a lot of people we know, their unmentionables are sort of the limiting reagent in the laundry equation.

They’ll hold off washing their clothes for weeks, until they absolutely have to, to avoid being shunned from society.

It’s either that or go out and buy more underwear. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just do a super-fast load of laundry with a few select items, so you could lengthen the time between loads?

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to with a foot-powered washing machine that takes just a little water and no electricity.

The 15-pound, 22-inch-tall Drumi takes five minutes, 10 liters of water, and a little bit of soap to clean five pounds of clothes, or about six to seven items.


To use it, you lift the plastic lid, add clothes to the drum, along with five liters of water. Close the lid and add the detergent to it. Pump the pedal for two minutes, then push the button to empty the soapy water.

Add another five liters of water, pump the pedal for another two minutes, release the water, then pump for an additional minute to act as a “spin cycle.” The pumping motion turns the rounded drum, tumbling the clothes inside.


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While the Drumi isn’t meant to be a replacement for a full-sized machine, it can conserve water and electricity. A standard washer uses 27 gallons (about 102 liters) of water per load, while an Energy Star model uses 14 gallons (about 53 liters).

Using the Drumi as a secondary washer can reduce your carbon footprint by roughly 10 pounds a week, according to Yirego, the company that makes the Drumi. Obviously, it works best if you can pair it with a no-energy drying method, too, like, say, the sun.

Yirego expects the Drumi to appeal to apartment dwellers, new parents who frequently wash baby clothes, and even campers. Expected to launch this summer, you can preorder one for $129, a $40 discount off the expected retail price.

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