6 Scientifically Proven Features Men Find Attractive In Women… But…


6 Scientifically Proven Features Men Find Attractive In Women

I come across this interesting video about how science has found some interesting links between certain female characteristics and male attraction.

It made me think for a second that perhaps there’s no hope; maybe we are just programmed to like certain things. I was glad to find that’s not quite the case.

Part of the reason why I wanted to write this is that I figured a lot of people will be exposed to this video, without the benefit of hearing an important perspective along with it. I share that perspective below.

One of the best things to come out of the video below has to do with makeup and cosmetics.

One thing I always find interesting is our culture’s obsession with cosmetics.

It’s an industry created entirely for the purpose of profits with absolutely no necessity involved, and yet it is one of the largest industries out there. Why?

Is it because we are programmed as beings to want to be attractive in those ways? Or is it because we have been sold on an idea?

A Programmed Industry?

Oddly enough, these studies revealed that that men actually prefer women who wear less or no makeup. It’s interesting because here we have an industry telling us what is attractive and what we need to be of worth, and yet the opposite sex doesn’t even find that to be true in the majority.

But women go on spending money, applying toxic chemicals to their faces and becoming less healthy, all the while becoming less attractive to men in the process. I thought it was a fascinating set of realizations which show the amazing power of marketing to manipulate our psyche.

I’ve always been a proponent of just being yourself. I grew up finding people who were themselves, genuine, and friendly as attractive people. When it comes to women, I’ve always preferred the no makeup look because it not only lets me see the real person, it lets me see how comfortable they are in their own skin, which to me has always been very appealing.

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Important To Note

The final thing to realize before watching this is that when the word science is used, that doesn’t necessarily mean different results can’t pop up in different studies.

Nor does it mean we suddenly have to shift our focus onto these attributes in order to look good. At the end of the day, what people will find most attractive is your ability to be a good, honest, and loving person. If we could focus on that as much as we do our appearance, the world would be a very different place.

These types of videos can circulate and suddenly create stigma against people who look (or don’t) a certain way, which again promotes feelings of negative self worth. What about people who don’t naturally have some of these features?

Should they feel bad because science told them they may not be good enough? Absolutely not. Owning who you are and being a good person will always trump looks in meaningful relationships.

It’s also important to do a reality check; you may notice that you disagree with some or all of the characteristics below, which suggests that these ideas are subjective, even though they have been promoted as objective.

The List

1. Specific waist to hip ratios suggest favorable child birthing bodies

2. Higher pitched voices are apparently more attractive

3. Long healthy hair

4. Smiling

5. Wearing less makeup

6. The color red enhances attraction

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