3 Generations Were Asked The Same Question- What The Youngest Generation Answers Is Troubling


3 Generations Were Asked The Same Question

As part of a campaign hoping to inspire the rediscovery of nature (#RediscoverNature), Nature Valley asked three different generations the same question:

What did/do you like to do for fun as a kid?

All three generations took the time to answer the question, with the two older generations offering relatively similar answers to one another.

The difference came in the answers given by the youngest group.

We all know we live in a world overrun by technology, but hearing it firsthand, especially in comparison to another, more connected way of being, is quite the profound experience.

Check out the video and see what you think about the generational difference:


Having grown up in an era where a great deal of the technology available today was either just being developed or already available (though not nearly as impressively as it is now), this was certainly interesting to watch.

As much as television, video games, and other digital forms of entertainment played a prominent role in my life, I’m incredibly grateful for the amount of time I spent away from the digital world.

Playing sports with my friends, building snow forts, and lazily spending time at the local park were a big part of my childhood and the thought of it no longer being as prominent in children’s lives is scary.

Especially when we remind ourselves of studies such as this one, which revealed that cell phone use in children and teens translates to an increased risk of brain cancer development.

Even though these testimonies seemed rehearsed, the message behind them is undoubtedly accurate, and the intention behind the video, I felt, was worth sharing. If you have children, don’t just encourage them to connect with the outdoors.

Spend time with them out there. Show them rather than telling them how great it is and how much you enjoy it, share with them what you once did for fun and give them the opportunity to make it their own.


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