23 Perfectly Timed Pics That Will Make You Look Twice

You can take a thousand photos, but if you don’t capture something at just the right moment, you may never get the exact photo that you want.

Whether taken through careful preparation and calculation or completely by accident, perfectly timed pics are an absolute joy to look at.

With the perfect angle or in the perfect split second, you’ve captured an image that may never happen quite that way ever again.

Sometimes, the perfect timing can make or break a photo, turning it into a hilarious coincidence or a beautiful illusion.

#1 This Freeze-frame Trapped My Dog In A Bubble

Perfectly Timed Pics 14

#2 Metamorphosis


#3 This Picture Of Sutro Tower In San Francisco Makes It Look Like The Top Of The Flying Dutchman’


#4 I See Your Supermoon Shot, I Raise You This Supermoon Shot In Dubai

Perfectly Timed Pics 7

#5 Perfect Timing

Perfectly Timed Pics 12

#6 Flickering Beauty

Perfectly Timed Pics 13

#7 A Dragon Fly Landed On My Friends Foot And Mirrored Its Own Tattoo

Perfectly Timed Pics 8

#8 Berta

Perfectly Timed Pics 1

#9 Woman Marries Owl

Perfectly Timed Pics 5

#10 Time Square Winter Lookup

Perfectly Timed Pics 3

#11 Sailor Moon

Perfectly Timed Pics 11

#12 1earup

Perfectly Timed Pics 9

#13 The Cloud Dragon


#14 The Man In The Back Of His Picture Looks Like His Hand Is On The Girl’s Shoulder


#15 See-through Cat


#16 The Contrail Makes It Look Like The Roller Coaster Launched Off Into Space

Perfectly Timed Pics 4

#17 Perfectly Timed Bohemian-waxwing


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#18 If Jesus Really Cares About Us, Why Does He Waste His Time Breakdancing For His Friends?

Perfectly Timed Pics 16

#19 There’s Really Nothing Quite So Sweet As Tiny Little Baby Feet

Timed Pics 2

#20 Yawn

 Timed Pics 15

#21 My Cat Was Sitting In The Right Place At The Right Time

 Timed Pics 10

#22 The Wine Glass Projected The Flag In The Window On To The Table

 Timed Pics 17

#23 The Right Moment At Tuileries Garden In Paris

Timed Pics 6

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