2016 General Election – The Year with Road Bumps for Presidency Candidates

 General Election 1Today’s U.S presidential election continues to get faker and faker with each day.

Taking into consideration recent events, it appears that America is yet again going through a rough period. But, unfortunately for its candidates, the new schemes used to persuade the public no longer seem to have any effects, even more, to persuade American population.

Knowing how every primary candidate at some point becomes corrupt through shadow players, all Western democracies become mainly rigged one-party states. From the beginning of the 2016 election, America witnessed multiple attempts of fraud use.

We are now left wondering whether or not the population continues to select their president or is the president chosen through other means?

Apparently, the Democratic party did end up being completely rigged by Clinton’s side in more than several states, among which we can mention Nevada, Iowa, Arizona and even California.

In order to completely remove Sanders from the race, Clinton is suspected to have conspired with Wasserman- Schultz, leader of the DNC. Among some of the many felonies which Hillary approached in her agenda, we can mention: paying people off to hold her signs, having DNC shut out lights over the Bernie Sanders supporters and many more dishonest gimmicks which we shall discuss in detail.

In addition, Hillary’s crowning as queen for DNC did not put a stop to all the fraud and mischiefs. Her health also seems to play a big part in the election. Crossed-eyed looks, coughing fits, confusion and dizziness are symptoms which she attempts to convince the public that would not influence her in any way in ruling over the White House.

Based on Zero Hedge reports, Hillary Clinton’s possible 2016 election as president would be a foolish and dangerous mistake for America. First of all, unlike any other candidate for the presidency, Clinton’s political campaign goes on without organizing any type of press conferences.

More than 273 days have passed ever since she had an open conference with the public. Seems like she is afraid of having to answer questions to which she does not hold any answers.

Jumping from scandal to scandal, Hillary appears to be involved in more than one issue: deleting emails on purpose, selling secrets to foreign countries, illegal funding and the well-known Clinton Body Count. By always attempting to hide her true nature and to deceive the public, she is barely capable of controlling the situation at hand.

Can We Put an End to All the Lies?

Here are a few pictures that clearly state real facts. It appears that both Trump and Sanders, unlike Hillary, are capable of attracting enough crowd to be able to fill an entire field.

General Election 2

General Election 3

But, will the public be taken into consideration, especially if, as we can see, numbers do not count for anything in the U.S.? As mentioned before, Hillary Clinton’s campaign appears to always rely on a wide variety of bribe and fakery. Furthermore, by reaching towards this sort of illegal actions, she only manages to give a distorted sentiment that she is, in fact, popular.

The Hillary campaign must be very desperate to gain votes seeing how her party has gone so far as photoshopping images of her at a rally (image below). Without shipping the camera to any other angle than the one and by strategically positioning people in front and behind her (including her husband, Bill Clinton who is sitting at her right side among the crowd), the Clinton camp further enhances the use of fakery and camera tricks. Even so, unless you are accustomed to other alternative media, it becomes harder to see the difference.

Now, One Question Remains: “Was Hillary Actually There, or Are We Talking About Just Another Charade?”

Further speculations continue to be addressed to her name. The video below will show why this is. Pay close attention to the video and decide for yourselves if its real or not. By looking at three different images from three different phones, we can deduce that none of them are what we would believe them to be. Although all smartphones are pointed at her, they show entirely different pictures.

So what is there to believe. Was the rally made up? Could we possibly trust a woman like Hillary Clinton?


Achieving Fraud by Means of Fractionalized Voting

Based on Bev Harris’s research of exposing election fraud throughout the years, she has uncovered new information that would help the American public understand the latest technique used in election rigging: fractionalizing votes.

To fractionize, in this case, implies the counting of votes only as a fraction. – one-fifth, one-third of what they should really be – an entire vote.

Within her article ‘Fraction Magic – Part 1: Votes are Being Counted as Fractions Instead of as Whole Numbers’, she writes:

“The results of this study demonstrate that a fractional vote feature is embedded in each GEMS application which can be used to invisibly, yet radically, alter election outcomes by pre-setting desired vote percentages to redistribute votes. This tampering is not visible to election observers, even if they are standing in the room and watching the computer. Use of the decimalized vote feature is unlikely to be detected by auditing or canvass procedures, and can be applied across large jurisdictions in less than 60 seconds.”

Therefore, what she tries to explain is, that by using a simple code, any person, for example, could switch the votes and instead of receiving the whole vote (1), the candidate only gets one-quarter (0.25), one-third (0.33) and so on.

This “weighting” of races, apparently plays an important role. Even though vote rigging of this type has already happened in the past, the system is not that easy to change. Known as the country of freedom and democracy, America fails to show this side anymore.

Seeing as how this article until now has mostly shed light on Hillary Clinton’s mistakes and unwillingness to obey social politics, there is no way to know whether or not Donald Trump, her opponent, rises to higher public expectations.

Despite his many connections (NWO agent Tommy Haas and even the head of Rockefeller-controlled Council of Foreign Relations), Trump’s party is still “controlled by the same forces behind the scenes, which advances the same agenda regardless of whether a more “liberal” or “conservative” government is in power”.

Almost as noteworthy are his close ties to Paypal founder Peter Thiel, CIA arm dealers, even Louis Lesser or “The Legend”, how Trump referred to him as.

Even if we cannot know for sure, maybe there is a connection between Trump and all these men. It’s astounding how he managed to become so popular, leaving aside how he always puts his foot in his mouth so often and offending the hell out of a lot of people.

Being characterized by his frank and open way of speaking without a script or teleprompter, all these fade away when thinking about his tyrannical tendencies. Especially relevant would also be the accusation of pedophilia brought to him alongside convicted billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Knowing this, is Trump the kind of leader you would like to rule over the White House? Is DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Taking Over Control Over 2016 Presidential Elections?

Because of the number of election rigging issues, head of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Jeh Johnson has accidentally said that his department is considering taking control of the U.S. Presidential election (this could be another example of the Hegelian Dialectic).

He also stated that the elections could be seen as part of the “critical infrastructure”, thus, considered so vital that it’s destruction or fraud might destabilize the nation. Also, keep in mind that the DHS has been basically created overnight right after the 9/11 false flag, through a bill that passed into congress’s hands so fast that no one knew about it until the next day.

And it is also in charge of the Transport Security Administration (TSA), the security code that puts airline passengers in the condition to decide between a very invasive physical perquisition or a dose of radiations.

Could it be that all the solutions that the government proposes are actually only used to give more power into the government’s hands? Maybe, since the election rigging was so hard for Hillary, is she trying to assure her victory using the government and her NWO leaders?

On Hillary Clinton

Despite all the fraudulent attempts of Clinton to gain more votes, many of the Republican establishment expressed their unwillingness of ever voting for Donald Trump; in fact, they would rather vote for Clinton.

Why is this? Between these two candidates, Clinton is more likely to delay the profitable wars in which the U.S is engaged in, more likely to advance the agenda of the New World Order, and much more.

By using different sorts of propaganda, today, every attempt of candidates for the chair only try to fool the masses into thinking they have a say in this entire process. And, because of all the fraud and bribery, the 2016 elections no longer appear as a symbol of American democracy.

2016 – The Year U.S Masses Wake Up

Considering the huge amount of fakery and fraud reached during this campaign, the masses might be close to the breaking point. There is a limit to how much the people can be fooled around, and once enough people have seen behind this facade, they will stop believing in the system and in the politicians and begin dreaming of a new, better and fairer system.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors/source and do not necessarily reflect the position of CSGLOBE or its staff.

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