18 Facts About China You Might Be Shocked to Know


Despite all the wild stories you have already heard about China, expect the nation to keep blowing your mind.

That’s because not only is China enormous and highly diverse, but most importantly, it’s rapidly changing.

Thus China’s future already looks far different today than even five years ago. It’s surely not your father’s ‘Red China’, or even your older brother’s ‘Made in China’...

Name: The official name of the country is The People’s Republic of China.

The Chinese name is “Zhong Guo”, which means the “Middle Kingdom”. Since ancient times, it was believed that China was at the center of the universe.

China is rather exotic and sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand Chinese people.

Maybe these 18 facts will help you understand the country better.

1. Rich people in China can hire body doubles to serve their prison sentence.

It’s a common practice in China. There is even such a saying “America has the rule of law, China has the rule of people”. [Source]

2. 100 million people in China live on less than US$1 per day. [Source]

3. China executes the death penalty more than 4 times as the rest of the world combined. [Source]

4. Reincarnation is forbidden in China without government permission. [Source]

5. The World’s First Paper Money was created in China 1,400 years ago. [Source]

6. In China, over 35 million people still live in caves. [Source]

7. The PlayStation is illegal in China. [Source]

8. In 1973, China proposed to give 10 million Chinese women to the U.S. to boost the U.S. population. [Source]

9. The groundwater of 90% of Chinese cities is polluted. [Source]

10. China has recently overtook the US as the world’s largest economy in 2014.

However it is only related to the purchasing power of the country. [Source]

11. 29% of San Francisco’s air pollution comes from China.

The country has serious smog and air pollution problems and shares them with the world. [Source]


12. The first recorded use of Marijuana was in China, over 4700 years ago. [Source]

13. At least 20 million people died during the Taiping Rebellion in China, led by a man who claimed to be the brother of Jesus, and who attempted to impose a theocracy based on his interpretation of Christianity. [Source]

14. China has more English speakers than the United States.

It’s rather disturbing and helps to realize what an enormous amount of people live in China!


15. Let this one be more pleasant. The beauty of Yangshuo, China, as seen from a hot air balloon.

This place is called to be one of the most beautiful on Earth.


16. By 2025, China will have 10 New York-sized cities.

Meanwhile the Chinese population will grow for additional 350 million people.


17. China owns all the giant pandas in the world, any panda outside of China is being leased.

Even those cubs being just born instantly belong to China. When a baby Panda is born, it’s shipped by FedEx to China to help expand the gene pool. [Source]


18. In China, a man sued his wife for being ugly and won.

That woman had had a plastic surgery for $100,000 before she met her husband who later could not understand why their children appeared to be so ugly. On the picture above is the whole family.


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