10 amazing facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza

10 amazing facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza

The greatest pyramid which has ever been constructed or which is known in the world is also the most mysterious megalithic construction and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

What is the fact when we talk about the Great Pyramid?

Official historians repeat all time that the pyramid was constructed as a tomb of the fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu and was constructed over a 20 year period according to the Herodotus and they are sure that it’s fact regardless of the material research of the stones and architecture technology and lack of the historical records.

More over there is no ancient records about the Great pyramid as an about another pyramid of Giza complex and Sphinx.

All what historians have are doubtful logical conclusions for construction process and meaning of the inner chambers. But even without historical records and artifacts we have the pyramid built form the stone blocks which can tell more for itself.

The Great Pyramid of Giza – Constant Facts


1. Height: 146.5 meters (480.6 ft) tall in original but in our days is 138.8 meters (455.4ft) because of erosion and absence of the pyramidion and outer facing blocks (casing stones).

2. Each base side was 230.4 meters (755.8 ft) long, now it’s 227 meters (744.7ft) because of absence of outer casing stones and erosion.

3. The total mass is 5.9 million tons.

4. The volume with an internal hillock is close to 2.5 million cubic meters.

5. The closest number of all blocks was estimated in 2.3 million separated blocks of different size, volume and mass.

6. Amazingly high precision. Based on measurements taken on the north eastern casing stones, the mean opening of the joints is only 0.5 millimeters wide (1/50th of an inch). Four sides of the base have an average error of only 58 millimeters in length. The base is horizontal and flat to within ±15 mm error that is unbelievable precision for so colossal construction even in our modern architect.

7. The pyramid (sides of square base) is extremely closely aligned to the North pole with only 12 seconds of arc error.

8. The ratio of the perimeter to height of 921.6/146.5 meters equates to 2π to an accuracy of better than 0.05%! It makes the Great pyramid the greatest and ideal mathematical model realized in the Great Pyramid.

9. Pyramid has four clear visible sides oriented to the Earth cardinal points but in fact the pyramid has 8 sides! The centers of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only 8 sided pyramid. The effect is not visible from the ground or from a distance but only from the air, and then only under the proper lighting conditions.

10. Construction material. 2.3 million limestone blocks and granite stones. The largest granite stone was found in the chamber well known as a “king chamber” weigh 25 to 80 tones which were transported more than 500 miles away. At least 5.5 million tons of limestone, 8 000 tons of granite and 500 000 tons of mortar were used for the construction of the Great Pyramid in Giza.

And it’s not all facts about the Great Pyramid; this list can be continued with more mathematical and astronomical calculation research.


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Even the amateur research of these ten facts is shaking official statements on the pyramid construction theories. Building process in 20 years would involve installing approximately 808 tons of stone every day!

If consider building in 20 years without any preparations, making pyramid foundation and all surrounded communications would involve moving an average of more than 13 blocks into place each hour, day and night regardless of their mass and level from the ground.

It’s mean that builders 4500 years ago just having primitive tools placed on the pyramid 312 blocks per day without weekend and holiday for 20 years according to the official theories. Do you still believe in it?

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