What is Awareness?

Premise – many students of human nature accept that we have at least three “minds”


  • your conscious mind holds information you’re aware of, including some memories. Consciousness is like the sphere of vision created by a light in a dark cave. With practice and a good vocabulary, we can choose word-symbols (language) to describe our conscious awareness’s.
  • your semiconscious mind holds information you may become aware of (like some other memories and perceptions, repressions, spiritual signals, hunches, and intuitions), and…
  • your unconscious mind, which holds information that you can’t normally be aware of. Instincts and some reflexes may reside here. By definition, we cannot articulate unconscious data. Some mind-altering chemicals and hypnotic experiences can reveal some unconscious information to our conscious minds. Unconscious content affects our moods, bodily functions, and behaviors.


Here, awareness refers to what you’re conscious of now and over time. Your current awareness includes mental (cognition / thinking) + bodily (emotions and senses) + spiritual elements.

        Mental awareness can include current and remembered knowledge and subjective perceptions and conclusions about yourself + other people + relationships + events + environments.

        Sensory awareness may include current sights, sounds, touches, tastes, and smells. Some people propose that we have a “sixth sense” which allows conscious awareness of hunches, intuitions, premonitions, and “senses” (“I sense you’re upset with me”).

        Spiritual awareness is consciousness of non-observable entities / forces / energies that affect life on Earth (“I felt the presence of God as we crashed”).  Some suggest that the “still small voice within us” brings spiritual guidance. Spiritual growth may be defined as “increasing your spiritual awareness and understanding of these entities as you age.”

Note the difference between “being aware” and of “making (intellectual) sense” of (decoding or interpreting) your awareness – i.e. “figuring out” what it means. These are two related but separate learned abilities.

Premises – see how you feel about these ideas: A = “I agree,”  D = ” I disagree,” and ? = “I’m not sure,” or “It depends on (what?)”


  • Adults, kids, and infants have three levels of awareness; conscious, semiconscious, and unconscious. All three combine to cause current-moment needs (discomforts), thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. (A  D  ?)
  • Anyone (like you) can intentionally benefit by expanding their conscious awareness (increase the “light”) by meditating and journaling regularly. (A  D  ?)
  • Conscious and semiconscious awareness is limited by (a) knowledge (beliefs about life on Earth), and (b) vocabulary available to describe personal knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions. Both factors can be intentionally improved over time. (A  D  ?)
  • Human conflict occurs because of (a) differences in people’s perceptions and awarenesses, and (b) their inability to communicate objectively and cooperatively about this difference. (A  D  ?)
  • Part of general awareness is communication awareness perceiving and interpreting the dynamics inside us and between us and other living things. Once people are aware of these and some basic knowledge, they can intentionally improve their thinking and communication effectiveness. (A  D  ?)
  • Teaching kids to be aware of their awareness, and to want to intentionally expand and use it, is a priceless life-long gift. (A  D  ?) Do you do this? Did your childhood caregivers? Not doing it is usually a sign of false-selfdominance + unawareness + ignorance (lack of knowledge).



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