Air Force general faints at Pentagon briefing on plane budgetAir Force Maj. Gen. James F. Martin Jr. fainted at the rostrum during a media briefing when he was talking about the F-35 plane in Pentagon on Wednesday.

The high-ranking officer was delivering a report on the Air Force budget and in particular about the future of the ill-fated F-35 program when he experienced a dizzy spell.

Assistant Air Force Secretary Carolyn Gleason rushed to Martin’s side and grabbed him by the arm. “That’s what the F-35 will do to ya,” Gleason was heard to say in a joke.

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On February 10, the Pentagon reported that troubled US F-35 fighter jet needs more engine changes.

The general was taken to a rest room and then to hospital for a medical check-up.

It was later revealed that he was suffering from a cold.

He returned to work Wednesday and was said to be fine, according to Air Force Times.

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