Watch What Happens When Activists Dare A Cop To Turn On The Machine That Grinds Baby Chicks

Those eggs you’re eating come at a price – the lives of thousands of baby male chicks every year.

While eggs from hens are normally thought of as a ‘safe’ food for vegetarians to indulge in, a dark secret of the industry is finally being realized: that male chicks born of hens in factory farms are either gassed or ground to death once born.

Activists in Israel decided they couldn’t idly stand by while this horror continued, therefore, took action by breaking into a hatchery and stopping the machine that grinds male baby chicks alive. (See the video below)

As they were trespassing, they were arrested by the police. But before they left the premise involuntarily, they dared the cop to turn back on the machine that grinds the poor chicks… Could he do it? Absolutely not.

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The original footage of the action can be found here: החזית לשחרור בעלי חיים-Animal Liberation

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