Was the Germanwings Plane Crash an Act of Terror?

Black box voice recorder reveals chilling final moments of Airbus A320

Some are accusing the media of “racism” for not making that assumption because the man who deliberately crashed the aircraft, Andreas Lubitz, was not a Muslim.

Passengers are heard screaming just moments before the plane crashes

According to Daily Mail, data extracted from the black box recorder shows that co-pilot – 28-year-old German Andreas Lubitz – locked the captain out of the cockpit and intentionally destroyed Airbus A320 on Tuesday.

‘The intention was to destroy the plane. Death was instant. The plane hit the mountain at 700kmh (430mph).

‘I don’t think that the passengers realized what was happening until the last moments because on the recording you only hear the screams in the final seconds’.

The captain – named by local media as German father-of-two Patrick Sonderheimer – then left the cockpit but found himself locked out when he tried to re-enter.

‘We hear the pilot asking the co-pilot to take over and we hear the sound of a chair being pushed back and a door closing so we assume that the captain went to the toilet or something.

‘So the co-pilot is on his own, and it is while he’s on his own that the co-pilot is in charge of the plane and uses the flight management system to start the descent of the plane.

‘At this altitude, this can only be done voluntarily. We hear several shouts from the captain asking to get in, speaking through the intercom system, but there’s no answer from the cockpit.’

Was the Germanwings Plane Crash an Act of Terror

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8.55am – The Airbus A320 takes off from Barcelona, Spain, and is expected to land in Dusseldorf, Germany, approximately 90 minutes later. It is carrying 150 people: 144 passengers and six crew members.

A transcript recovered from the black box of the plane’s final 30 minutes reveals that for the first 20 minutes the two pilots talk in a ‘normal fashion’, according to Mr Robin.

Preparation for the plane’s arrival can then be heard in the cockpit. It is at this point the pilot asks Mr Lubitz to take over, a chair is pushed back and the door closes.

Co-pilot Mr Lubitz uses the flight monitoring system to start the plane’s descent, an action which can ‘only be done voluntarily’.

Through the on-board intercom system, the pilot is heard trying to regain entry to the cockpit, but there is no answer from Mr Lubitz. The pilot then knocks on the door, again getting no reply.

9.30am – Air traffic controllers get no response from the plane after they attempt to make contact. It is at this time that the plane reaches a height of 38,000ft, according to flightradar24.

9.30am- 9.40am – The plane drops from 32,000ft to 6,175ft, where flightradar24 logs its final position on radar.

All that can be heard from the cockpit from this moment until the plane crashes is the co-pilot breathing, apparently normally.

During this descent, the pilot can be heard trying to break the cabin door down and alarms go off – indicating the plane’s close proximity to the ground.

A first crash is audible, but the final impact happens several moments later. During this time, no distress signals are sent out.

Passengers are only heard screaming during the final few moments of the recording, implying they were initially unaware anything was wrong until just before the plane crashed

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