The Ultimate Cruise Train – $50 Million


Japan’s new Cruise Train is a luxury hotel on rails

The design looks more like an upscale hotel than an Amtrak car

The last car gives a beautiful view of the area through glass.

Japan is already a global leader in train technology, so it would only follow that they’d be lapping the rest of the world in train design, too. Already, the country has produced gorgeous fleets of luxury trains with chic, retro stylings.

Now, Japan’s JR East railway company has commissioned a new luxury train, the Cruise Train, which will be a way for Japanese one-percenters to check out the country in style. The JR East Cruise Train, set to launch in Japan in 2017, is promising to take ultra-luxury rail travel to new heights.

Accommodating a cozy 34 guests in its 10 cars, the rain will include two glass-walled observation decks at both ends for gorgeous views. Atmosphere will be everything, with furniture conveying the nobility of traditional Japanese culture. Each suite will have a private bathroom with a shower and toilet, while the top sleeping space will be a split-level deluxe suite sleeping four.

Designer Ken Okuyama, who has helped create Ferraris, Porsches and Maseratis, is the mastermind behind the $50 million project. Prices start at $1,765 per person for a two-night trip.

All images courtesy of the East Japan Railway Company.

The Cruise Train is a modern take on some of Japan’s more vintage lines.
A central lounge area gives passengers the opportunity to meet and chat.
The lounge space comes with a view, too.
Designated dining areas are more like romantic restaurants than the usual food cars.

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