These 14 Photos Capture How Polluted China Has Become, And It’s Terrifying…

From the trash-strewn Great Wall of China to oil-filled lakes, this land and its people are suffering from the effects of unsustainable industrialized living.

In case you haven’t heard, China has declared war on pollution, as rates of environmental toxicity are beyond tolerable and are negatively affecting its population.

As reported by NationalInterest, the first thing you notice when arriving in China is a cloud of smog that hugs its industrialized cities. And that toxicity is the #1 source of social unrest for Chinese citizens.

In fact, it’s so bad, individuals are forced to wear masks on their daily commute to work as pollution in cities like Beijing is 40 times higher than International Safety Standard.

But if statistics don’t speak loudly enough, the following photos certainly do.

China may be the world’s leading supplier of goods, but the repercussions from its unsustainable industrial habits (which fuel the lives of many who are reading this piece) are having a devastating toll on the environment and health of its people.

Scroll through and see just how toxic some of China’s landscapes and cities have become.

1 Fake Hong Kong Skyline For Tourists

Credit: Molly Smith

2 Woman Walks Through Smog in Beijing, Where Small-Particle Pollution Is 40 Times Over International Safety Standard

Credit: Kyodo News

3 Photo Capturing Beijing Surrounded By Smog

Credit: China FotoPress

4 Pollution From A Factory In Yutian, 100km East of Beijing

Credit: Peter Parks

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5 Woman Collects Plastic Bottles Near A River Polluted By Reddish Dye

Credit: Lu Palmerini

6 A Man Walks By A Pipe Releasing Waste Water Into Yangtze River

Credit: William Hong

7 The Great Wall Of China – There Are No Words…

Credit: Sa Cha

8 A Child Jumping Over Trash At A Village in Jiaxing

Credit: William Hong

9 A Woman Stands On A Bridge Over A Polluted River In Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

Credit: Carlos Barria

10 Fishermen Collecting Fish In A Polluted Canal, Beijing

Credit: David Gray

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11 Over 300 Pigs Fished Out Of Huangpu River

Credit: Mahalia Knight

12 Residents Look Over A Heavily Polluted River, Zhugao, Sichuan Province


13 Morning Smog In Beijing

Credit: Brielle Cardieri

14 And Finally, The ‘Great’ Wall Of China & Its Pollution

Credit: AFP

If pictures are worth more than 1,000 words, there is definitely plenty to be said on what has been captured in China.

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