The zombie apocalypse is already here: Mindless masses do whatever they’re told, then invent empty logic to justify it

The zombie apocalypse is already here

The long-feared zombie apocalypse is already here, as evidenced by this video put together by Mark Dice and Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change.

The video sets a whole new milestone in capturing the astonishing “zombie logic” of Americans who proudly demonstrate the cognitive capacity of mindless zombies.

This video reveals an incredibly important psychological phenomenon that all readers need to understand, because this phenomenon is what drives our world.

Reason is an alien concept to most people.

They do not operate on it, they do not embrace it and they do not even recognize it.

The way people really make decisions in our world is as follows:

Step 1) Use social queues (peer pressure, authority figures, “official” sources, popular trends, etc.) to make a decision that conforms with the status quo. Follow the herd, in other words, and completely abandon reason, rational thought and independent thinking.

Step 2) After making the decision which has been spoon fed to you by others, then gin up a contrived internal justification for your decision. This is where the mind invents a “because” to justify the decision. For example: I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because she’s so transparent and refuses to allow foreign interests to influence her with money.

Importantly, the justification need not have a shred of truth to it. It only needs to seem like it sort, kinda, half-way makes sense. That’s sufficient for the “mind” of a zombie.

But here’s the real kicker: In explaining their reasons for why they made their decision, zombies may sound like they’ve thought through everything, offering elaborate-sounding reasons to back up their choice. For example, in the video linked here, Mark Dice asks a man, “How do you feel about Hillary Clinton’s support of Edward Snowden?” (Clinton has openly condemned Snowden as a treasonous criminal, by the way.)

The man replied, “She’s taking a stand. She isn’t sitting on the fence.”

Mark Dice, playing the role of Devil’s Advocate to see what the zombie he’s interviewing might say, counters with, “But some other politicians obviously have called Edward Snowden a traitor… Hillary Clinton is very brave to call him an American hero. That’s a pretty powerful stance, wouldn’t you agree?” (Again, for the record, Hillary Clinton has actually called Snowden a traitor, not a hero…)

The man thinks for a minute — the zombie brain must now come up with a sorta-kinda justification — then answers, “You can’t call somebody a traitor because they got a political view.”


Hillary Clinton is trustworthy because she practices “total transparency”

Topping that, Luke Rudkowski asks two African-American woman what they think about Hillary Clinton’s “total transparency” as demonstrated by Clinton turning over all her private emails (she didn’t, of course) to the State Dept. One of the women replies, “She’s being transparent in a lot of areas, so it’s like, she has nothing to hide. So I agree with what she’s doing.”

Then the woman standing next to her pulls out the real zombie-logic whopper of the day, invoking her internal, fictionalized justification for why she supports Hillary Clinton. “Everyone knows that communication is the key to everything!” she pronounces.

At this point, I’m not even sure how Luke Rudkowski managed to hold back from bursting out laughing. He just calmly nods and answers the two women: “Yeah, if you have nothing to hide, and you’re doing everything right, then it makes perfect sense.”

This is sheer genius. Rudkowski is feeding back the same zombie logic to these women that they first fed him. He’s giving them what I call a “zombie feedback loop,” which is exactly what you see on social media after the mainstream media pushes lunatic ideas like mandatory mass vaccinations at gunpoint, or the very idea that government is your friend and that politicians operate “in service” to the people rather than seizing power for their own selfish aims.

See the video yourself here:

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You can’t reason with a zombie

On a larger scale, this video is extremely educational because it demonstrates why you can’t reason with a zombie. Zombies despise rational logic as “alien” to their very existence.

As a great example of zombie hatred for reason, rational logic applied to the vaccine issue would mean that vaccinated children are immune to infectious disease and therefore have nothing to fear from unvaccinated children, right? So how can an unvaccinated child give a disease to a vaccinated child, as we are always told by the mainstream media?

The answer is that all the science writers in the mainstream media practice zombie logic like you see in this video. Reason plays no role, and logic is abandoned. The only reality that matters is what they’ve been told by others. Then their zombie minds try to drum up some sort of twisted explanation that makes no sense at all.

In the world of vaccines, this mind-numbing explanation goes something like this: “Unvaccinated children are a danger to vaccinated children because of herd immunity.”

That statement is pure non-logic. It’s like saying 2 + 2 = 7. Yet, in the minds of the zombie masses, the accuracy of the logic is irrelevant.

In essence, these people are brain damaged. That part of their brain which should confer critical thinking skills has been deactivated, possibly poisoned by fluoride in the water and mercury in the vaccines. So they are no longer “citizens” in the classic definition of the term, because they cannot interact with society in a reasonable, informed and clear-headed manner. They are, instead, sheeple who are herded from one contrived crisis to another, cajoled through information indoctrination while being fed nonsense justification lines they can internalize and invoke to make themselves believe they have arrived at a reasonable decision.

Elections are won or lost due to the “zombie vote”

This is precisely how Hillary Clinton is likely to get elected in 2016: the zombie vote. Zombies will vote exactly as they are instructed to vote. No reason is necessary. Reasons can even be given that are precisely the opposite of the candidate’s positions. For example, people can be encouraged to vote for Jeb Bush because he’s “anti-war and strongly opposed to military conflict in the Middle East.” (He isn’t, of course.) Or people can be pushed to vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s “the shining example of transparency and honest government, free from corruption and corporate influence.” (She isn’t, obviously.)

The reality is irrelevant. Nothing really needs to add up or make sense in the minds of the American voters. People will just blindly punch the chads for whatever candidate they’re given. And then they’ll walk out of the voting booths, satisfied with the self-delusion that they made an “informed decision” arrived at by “weighing all the facts.”

Truth be told, nearly everyone vastly overestimates their own intelligence. Everybody thinks they’re above average intelligence. This is extremely frustrating to those of us who actually are. (That’s a joke, you see…)

But seriously, if you take a room with 100 people who represent a diverse cross section of the IQs among the American people, you’re going to have about half the people below average and the other half above average. But if you interview each of these individuals separately, and you inquire about their intelligence, their ability to make decisions, and their confidence in the accuracy of their decisions, nearly 100% of those individuals will claim they are above average! (It’s true, this has been tested and confirmed in psychology experiments.)

Even the person with the lowest cognitive ability in the room thinks he’s smarter than at least half the room. But he’s wrong. In truth, he’s a walking example of zombie logic. He can’t assess available information to make good decisions. He may appear smart, confident or even good-looking, but his mind is running on zombie-ism.

The problem with democracy

This is the problem with democracy. When the majority becomes a population of zombies, society is lost. The success of a democracy requires level-headed citizens assessing the facts and making informed, logical decisions about the future of the nation. But in America today, the masses are almost universally incapable of rational thought.

So all their decisions are handed to them, and thinking critically about any decision becomes an alien concept.

This is why people at the grocery store can’t make good decisions about what to eat and what to avoid. It’s why Wall Street is really a sucker’s game designed by smart people to loot the investment savings of the gullible masses. It’s also why every election is nothing more than elaborate theater, during which the logical idea of what a candidate actually stands for (and whether they have the integrity to be trusted) is abandoned from the get-go. Their policies don’t matter. Their track record becomes irrelevant. Their history of criminality is whitewashed by the media.

In a very real sense, we are now a “zombie nation” populated by the truly mindless. This is no longer hyperbole. It’s not a metaphor. They really are mindless. Their consciousness has been deactivated or damaged beyond recognition, and they now exist to play out whatever roles are handed to them by the propaganda machine.

A democracy dominated by zombies isn’t a democracy at all: it’s an illusion of democracy that’s actually run by elite puppet-masters who specialize in creating the illusion of choice. In the 2016 presidential election, for example, we will all have the freedom to choose among two corporate-controlled candidates who are both pro-war, pro-Monsanto, pro-Big Government, pro-pharma, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution and anti-American. Is that really a choice at all?

Beware of the zombies. Their vote counts just as much as yours.

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