The US War on Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion and Increased Terrorism by 6,500%

The US War on Terror Has Cost 5 Trillion and Increased Terrorism by 650015 years later, the events which took place in the U.S. on September 11, 2001, continue to be surrounded by promiscuity. An ANTIMEDIA news report states how the loss of almost 3000 citizens within American territory has yet to be forgotten.

Seeing as how years passed, it becomes inevitable to ask ourselves relevant questions regarding personal safety.

Being considered one of the most tragic events to take place in American history, it’s up to us to diminish terror aggression.

A recent report made public by Brown University professor of political science, Dr. Neta Crawford , deduced that major U.S departments (Defense, Homeland Security, and Veteran Affairs), spend nearly up to $5 trillion USD on measures against terrorism.

Taken from taxpayers, the sum of $4.79 trillion, she states, continues to rise.

Taking into consideration today’s federal debt of about $19.5 trillion USD, it becomes impossible not to wonder if the $4.79 already spent achieved their purpose. Are American citizens safer now because of it, or has it all been in vain?

According to an analysis released last year by Reader Supported News (RRN), terrorism is estimated to have increased by a shocking 6,500 percent since 2002. In spite of the 14 years passed since the tragic event, they say, terror attacks did, in fact, skyrocket since 9/11. Furthermore, based on found data it is estimated that America’s military interventions throughout the years appear to be the main cause for terrorist attacks.

Starting since 2014, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, appear to have had over 74% of terror-related casualties. Based on additional investigations, RRN member had this to say: “only Nigeria did not experience either U.S. air strikes or a military occupation in that year.”

But, the story about American involvement on Nigerian soil has much more to hide. Following an attack made to the region’s oil production, it appears that the main purpose all along was to “cripple the Nigerian economy.” In addition, until not long ago Nigeria was the most significant oil producer for Africa.

Another example which outlines America’s failure to stop terrorism was provoked by Hillary Clinton herself. For more than two years, along with her State Department , she failed to pass requests given from the CIA according to which Boko Harem’s placement on U.S’s list of foreign terrorist organizations seems as vital.

Being responsible for damages made throughout Nigeria, the al-Qaeda and ISIS-linked terror group Boko-Harem, according to CRUX, killed more than 20.000 people and forced another 2.6 million to abandon their homes. By contrast, they are considered as far more dangerous than the ISIS organization.

Overall, it seems Clinton’s actions are directly responsible for the drastic evolution of this group. Her war in Libya along with the overthrow of dictator Muammar Gaddafi lead to Libyan weapons being looted and then immediately sent to Syria. If in 2009 their operations were considered primitive, by 2011, their actions changed. NATO’s war on Libya is the reason Boko Harem obtained weapons in the first place, Peter Weber adds for The Week.

He writes that:

“[Boko Haram’s weaponry] shifted from relatively cheap AK-47s in the early days of its post-2009 embrace of violence to desert-ready combat vehicles and anti-aircraft/ anti-tank guns.”

You might tend to believe that removing Gaddafi from his position, to avoid the massacre of his own people in Libya, was a good thing? And that Boko Haram is just a casualty, an unexpected consequence? Well, that might not be so true.

Libya has now dropped very low in the U.N. Human Development Index ratings after it’s dictator was removed. Before, thanks to Gaddafi, Libya was considered one of the leading democracies in Africa, having even the highest standard of living.

UNICEF has declared that, in Libya, which is now full of militants, extremists, and with a civil war going on, more than 2 million children are out of school. There is not much that can help avoid those children from entering one of the militant groups.

Seems like drones also play their part for increasing terror against America. With an experience of over 20 years in operating military drones, one of the U.S air force members, wrote an open letter to Barack Obama claiming that their use has become a major driving force in organizations such as ISIS and many other terrorist groups.

Arguing that drones are responsible for part of the devastation taking place around the world, three of the drone operators went as far as bringing to court a lawsuit against the state. Their reason for this was the loss of a Yemeni man’s family members during a drone strike which took place in 2012.

“Untold History of the United States” by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick offers more details on drone use. According to them, “When the U.S. began its Yemeni drone campaign in 2009, Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula had fewer than 300 militants in Yemen. By mid-2012, that number had jumped to over 1,000.”

Should more information be provided in order for us to make a stronger connection between a countries’ actions and the immediate consequences offered by radical groups?

At this point, it may as well seem that history keeps on repeating itself. According to journalist and critic of U.S foreign policy Ben Swan, Truth In Media relates:

“Before the 2003 U.S. invasion, do you know how many suicide attacks there were in Iraq? None. In the country’s history there had never been one. But since the 2003 invasion, there have been 1,892.

Also, “In Iraq, prior to the start of the Iraq war, there were reportedly just over 1.5 million Christians living in that country. And yet shortly after the war started, more than one million of them fled to Syria. That didn’t work out well. Today fewer than half a million Christians remain and yet are being exterminated by groups like ISIS.”

From what it seems, the almost $5 trillion USD spent in order to exclude terrorism out of the American agenda have failed to bring real changes. During the “Adam Ruins Everything” show, the College Humor channel goes as far as showcasing how a TSA is no less than useless against preventing terrorist attacks.

Always falling short, they say “TSA does nothing” and is a total waste of money.

Where has our money gone? Is the funding of these programs really making any advances against terrorism? Instead of scattering all possible threats brought to the country, it appears that, since 9/11, terrorism on American land accelerated, rather than dissipate. Probably the changes are soon to come, but until then, all we can do is wait.

If we continue living our lives without admitting to the surfacing issues, the risk that future generations will face more terrorist attempts than ever is very high. Donald Trump, Republican runner for presidency had this to say:

“ISIS is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil camps, certain areas of oil that they took away.”

He even went on saying that ” I would bomb the s— out of ’em. I would just bomb those suckers. That’s right. I’d blow up the pipes. … I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left.”

Therefore, by investing in failed policies we are nonetheless destroying our society and further leaving ourselves vulnerable to terrorist aggression’s. 15 years was enough for people to start making changes.

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