Tesla Motors Proves Alternative Energy Can Bring Profit

Tesla MotorsThe energy storing company known by the people as TSLA (Tesla Motors) obtained outstanding results recently.

According to this years’ profits, the firm managed to gain $22 million. The question on our minds is now, how did they do it?

Tesla Motors Hits Rock Bottom?

Unlike Tesla Motors’ winning strike, the oil company, on the other hand, lost about $67 billion just last year.

Why? Because oil prices have been on and off continuously.

Although declared unprofitable by Wall Street, Tesla Motors seems to have been at their limit.

During their last quarter of the year TSLA, was expected to prove that other types of energy could earn the company a good cash flow.

The expectations of Tesla Motors slowly grew. In a short time, they managed to open 17 new stores and deliver more than 25.000 vehicles.

But, immediately as this happened, questions began to appear. Who does Tesla Motors own their success to? Could the government be involved?

Who Can We Blame?

After some research, it appears that along with three other companies of Elan Musk, TSLA gained a sum of $4.9 billion from the government ( taxpayers) as support.

Overall it represents less than half of billion of what the fuel industry obtained.

Not only that, Musk was able to secure $126 million. In order to help the development of storage technology, he invested all the cash in California subsidies.

Within an interview for the National Geographic, CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk stated:

“The fossil fuel industry is the biggest industry in the world.”

The initiatives of Tesla to bring new changes to the energy sector already managed to gain the eye of the public.

This popular uprising against gas and oil has begun. Now one thing we cannot be sure of is whether or not U.S taxpayers will benefit from Tesla’s new profits.

But how can Tesla Motors have such a big success? We can find the reason by checking out the oil industry’s current situation. The oil price is falling down sensibly (less than 40$ per barrel) because of political events in the Middle East and many more factors.

This has led many small companies to declare bankruptcy, and the larger ones to find new ways of profit. They are starting to use fracking and off-shore oil drilling more and more.

The reason why they use such dangerous methods is not their low cost. The only reason is that there’s no other option, and nothing else to drill.

The main problem is that fossil fuels will eventually run out. What not so many understand is that we have already reached the “peak oil” back in 2011. This implies that, from that point on, we will slowly consume all the oil storage there is.

Adapting to The New System

What Tesla Motors has managed to do, is adapt to the new global situation. The only way that oil companies can save themselves now, is by switching to renewable energy. Tesla has demonstrated that it is possible to make profit out of it.

However, big oil companies are not willing to change. Instead of thinking about the future, and saving our world, they are trying to take advantage of their dying business while they still can.

But there is an even better solution, that could help our entire planet. The governments should stop investing in fossil oil and start spreading Nikola Tesla’s free energy device. But unfortunately, since free energy for everyone brings no profit, the big companies will never invest in it.

This demonstrates how our world is only based on profit, and it is up to us, the people, to change it and apply the changes it needs.

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