Special Forces Veteran Tells the Truth About Joining the Military

Special Forces Veteran Tells the Truth About Joining the Military

“They’re not sending you out there to be a hero…” – Stan Goff

As world leaders work feverishly to bring about World War III, the need for front line cannon fodder will only increase, and more of the world’s youth will called to duty by the traitors and cowards who make peace an impossibility.

The propaganda machine and mainstream media is very sophisticated at selling war, and military recruiters have unfettered access to the mind’s of the young. They want YOU to be their next disposable hero.

The effort to make joining the military seem attractive will intensify as the economy worsens and college tuition rises, so it’s important to remember that no matter what they offer in exchange, it is your life and conscience that are truly at stake, and these are both priceless and irreplaceable.

In this age of interconnectedness a small piece of truth finally has the potential to amplify itself and compete with the over-founded mouthpieces of the military industrial complex, and retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant Stan Goff is a courageous truth teller who’s message needs to be heard.

“That organization [The US Military] does not exist to give you money for school. That organization exists to assert the political will of the United States government against other people by force of arms. And what they do is not like it’s portrayed in the movies. They’re not sending you out there to be a hero, they’re sending you out there to be a bully.”

Having served over 20 years in the U.S. Army, much of it in special forces, he has been to numerous combat zones including Vietnam. He’s also written several books about his experiences and reflections on war including Hideous Dream: A Soldier’s Memoir of the U.S. Invasion of Haiti and Full Spectrum Disorder: The Military in the New American Century, and speaks publically about the moral failures of war policy and he true nature of soldiering for a corporate oligarchy.

Sure, they’ll offer you money, travel, excitement, adventure. They’ll pitch you ideas like honor, glory, service, and pride, but the dissonance between what you sign up to do and what you actually do is severe.

“I took an oath… to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. You know, I went to 8 conflict areas. I never met a single person who was an enemy of the United States Constitution. Not one. No enemies of the constitution. I did spend a lot of time going out there again, and becoming a political instrument for trans-national corporations and to preserve American military and political supremacy around the world… I never met anybody that was a threat to the constitution.”

If you’re thinking about joining the armed forces its important to remember that many of today’s returning soldiers are suffering from terrible PTSD and that military suicides are higher than ever. The reasons for this are obvious, just not publicized by the propaganda machine.

“Why put yourself in the position to go over there and be forced by a circumstance not of your choosing to take the life of another human being who is a total stranger?…. In the real world you have to live with the consequences of your decision for the rest of your life.”

The world is definitely not black and white like the mainstream media wants us to believe, and the painful truth of involving yourself in war is being told by many veterans like Stan Goff, and even though the truthfulness of his words sting, we’d be delusional to disregard them.

“They put me in circumstances where I had to do a lot of things that I wish I didn’t have in my head right now.”

Take a listen to his advice for those considering joining the military.

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All wars are banker wars, and are not fought to keep us safe or free. For the world to know peace, the voices of peace must become louder than the voices for war. Please share the insight of this courageous and constitution loving veteran with as many people as you can.

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