Putin has Banned Rothschild and His New World Order Banking Cartel Family from Entering Russian Territory

Putin has Banned Rothschild and His New World Order Banking Cartel Family from Entering Russian TerritoryAs of recently, Russian president Vladimir Putin took yet another decision for his country. “Under any circumstances”, the Rothschild family is banned from entering Russian territory.

Along with his plans for New World Order, Jacob Rothschild’s ban comes as no surprise.

After paying the debt Russia had with the Rothschild, Putin did not hesitate to inform advisers of his actions:” grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

During the meeting in question, Putin was clearly discontent about the secretive elite’s agenda of taking over the country.

Seems like his act of pounding his fist against the table and the promise to destroy the New World Order show clear evidence of Putin’s integrity.

According to a Kremlin source, the Russian president is indeed fighting for his country against Rothschild. Vladimir Putin claims:

“They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.”

Russian Economy in Danger

Based on sources, the Rothschild banking activities did damage the Russian economy. This way, continuing on this road would only lead to more struggle on its population.

Ever since his first days of presidency, Vladimir Putin made Russia’s social and economic situation his main priority. His arrest of dictator Mikhail Khodorkovsky was just the beginning.

Also, Khodorkovsky is known for the naming of Henry Kissinger, Arthur Hartman and even Rothschild as directors of the Open Russia foundation.

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Furthermore, angry with the back owners’ actions, Putin kicked them out in a matter of seconds. Being a student of history with a strong passion for world affairs himself, Putin was capable to understand these organizations and their schemes.

For the Russian president, the main aim was to avoid conflicts bursting from members such as the Rothschild.

Are the Rothschild’s trying to start a new world war? Should we prepare ourselves for World War 3?

Fight for Russian Economy against Rothschild

Despite Putin’s attempts to put an end to them, the New World Order continues to spread its branches, not only in Russia but around the entire world. Thanks to Vladimir Putin, Russia is now safe.

World domination is no longer an issue. The ban over the Rothschild plans gave by Putin managed to put and end to their influence and expansion over Russia.

Even if they are one of the biggest threats at this time, Rothschild is now running scared  from the president. Unlike the image associated to him,on the other hand, the media fails to highlight Putin’s power to fight for what is right.

Truth be told, Putin is creating a better world. He is trying to go against the New World Order’s plan to unify and create a world guided by one government.

A clear example of this is his actions in Syria. In that situation, he defended the sovereignty of a state, and that also grew his reputation as a powerful leader.

People are starting to take notice. More than that, the New World Order has to be dealt with, no matter what. Knowing all this, is the world going to sit back and wait for people like the Rothschild to take control over the world?

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