NYPD Posted the Most Pathetic Drug Bust Ever

...and the Internet Is Having a Field Day

NYPD Posted the Most Pathetic Drug Bust EverAfter almost fifty years of the war on drugs, Americans are increasingly skeptical.

But police officers around the country continue to dig their heels into enforcing the archaic policy.

Case in point: Two weeks ago, NYPD officers made a low-level drug bust of cannabis and several vape cartridges, as well as a smattering of small baggies filled with white powder.

The officers boasted about their achievement on Twitter, claiming they had taken down a Latin King Crew gang member and removed the “poison” from their community.

In the photo, they also displayed $100, made up of a few twenties, tens, and fives.

Though that tweet received little traction, the NYPD News account also announced the drug bust, only to receive hundreds of responses mocking the officers over their claim that they are “Keeping #Flushing#Queens safe.”

And with that, the trolls were out.

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Some mocked the police’s behavior and belief they are actually having success in their war on drugs:

On that note, one Twitter user pointed out the real victim of weed being off the street:

User Rich Lowtax Kyanka took an absurdist approach:

So did this Twitter user:

Many trolls zeroed in on the small display of bills the officers confiscated:

And the GIF reactions were on point:

At least one Twitter user pointed out the white powder also featured in the picture:

But still came out against the war on drugs:

But, most importantly, some trolls simply called a spade a spade, foregoing sarcasm to point out the hypocrisies and failures of the war on drugs and police in general:

(According to NORML, pursuant to New York cannabis laws, if the suspects are charged with and convicted of selling concentrates — the alien vape cartridges — it’s possible they could face up to 15 years in prison and a $15,000 fine).

Considering many Americans can accept the failure of the war on drugs, perhaps it’s time for cops to stop enforcing laws that don’t represent the American people  — and that have failed to stop the flow of drugs and the problem of addiction.

As these users observed:

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