The New iPhone 6 – buyer’s worst nightmare

Does the new iPhone 6 BEND in your pocket?

Angry users post photos of phones warped just a few days after buying them

If you or someone you paid was brave enough to have sat in line for a brand new iPhone 6 Plus, I hate to be the bearer of bad news: your new, obscenely over-sized cell phone will bend in your pocket.

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The iPhone 6 Plus (pictured) the ‘flexible display’

Owners of the new iPhone 6 Plus have been left angered as it emerged the phone can bend out of shape simply when stored in a pocket. Add it to the list of a new iPhone buyers worst nightmares.

Since the new model launched on Friday, a small but growing number of iPhone 6 Plus owners have reported the issue that significantly alters the appearance of the phone.

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The problem, dubbed ‘bend gate’ by some on social media sites, is due to the phone’s thin aluminium exterior – but can be solved by ensuring the middle of the phone is not subjected to a large force.

The bendy feature of the new iPhone (pictured) has been met with wide criticism on social media

It is believed the thinner model, in addition to the use of aluminium metal in its design, causes the phone to deform.

One forum user known as ‘hanzoh’ claimed his iPhone 6 plus was ‘slightly bent’ after he drove with the device in his pocket.

‘The 6 Plus was about 18 hours in my pocket while sitting mostly,’ Hanzoh said.

‘As I lay it on the coffee table and sat down on the couch to relax from the drive, I saw the reflection of the window in the iPhones slightly distorted.’

And he said when laid flat, a bend in the phones display can clearly be seen.

One user wrote: ‘@tim_cook hi Tim, I absolutely love my new iPhone 6 Plus!! My favorite feature is the flexible display.’


These reports are not the first time iPhone frames have warped, and the issue isn’t unique to Apple.

Reports in 2012 claimed that the iPhone 5 had similar frame weaknesses.

The iPhone 5S release was met with similar complaints.

Samsung devices are also vulnerable, and the Galaxy S4 in particular was found to bend under pressure. As did Sony’s Xperia Z1.

Other devices have been released recently that were specifically designed to have a curved frame, including the LG G Flex and the Samsung Round.

Both devices were said to be more comfortable to hold, and easier to place in a back pocket.

Someone already put theirs through the ringer to see just how sturdy the iPhone 6 Plus is. The results aren’t encouraging:


The reason for the bend is due to the iPhone 6 Plus being made out of aluminium.

Aluminium is a relatively soft metal and is fairly ductile and flexible so, if enough pressure is applied, it will bend and move.

According to iMore, no part of either of the new iPhones has more than a quarter of an inch (0.64cm) of aluminium in any spot.

This means that, in areas of the phones that are weakest, it’s possible it could be susceptible to bending.

This is noticeable in images, with many of the bends occurring near the volume buttons and the SIM card slot.

These areas have segments of the shell cut out to make room for the buttons and SIM card, so there is less aluminium – and they are more likely to bend.

To stop the phone bending, users need to ensure that they do not put increased pressure on the middle of the phone.

For example, do not have it sideways in a pocket, as your pocket will push it against your leg, possibly causing bending.

Putting it in your back pocket could also have a similar effect, so storing it in a shirt pocket or bag might be a better option.

Another option would be to make sure you have a case for the phone so that it can maintain its rigidity even when pressure is applied.

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