Neil DeGrasse Tyson Hosts Pro-GMO Corporate Propaganda Film ‘Food Evolution’

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Hosts Pro-GMO Corporate Propaganda Film Food EvolutionWith the help of Monsanto money, Neil DeGrasse Tyson has launched a new film in an attempt to persuade the public to accept genetically modified foods (GMO’s).

It isn’t the first time Neil has spoken out in favor of GMO’s, but he’s stepping it up to a whole new level with Food Evolution, which hit theaters across America on June 23rd.

The film is all about promoting the idea that the science is settled around genetic engineering, but just two years ago 300 scientists signed a paper bluntly titled ‘No scientific consensus on GMO safety.’ 

Much like the dated consensus that tobacco products are safe, Tyson apparently believes that a consensus on GMO’s only includes scientists who already agree with him.

“Instead of an objective look at the evidence, Food Evolution gives viewers the full Monsanto science treatment: any science that raises concerns about the possible health risks of agrichemical products should be ignored, while studies that put those products in a favorable light is the only science worth discussing.” – Stacey Malkan Co-Founder, US Right To Know

Neil’s Perspective Is Nothing New

In an effort to demonize opposition to GMO’s, the biotech industry routinely recruits so-called journalists, scientists, and academics to push pro-corporate propaganda and slander anyone who questions the safety or ethics of genetic engineering or complementary pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosate.

An article posted in May of 2015 at USA Today exemplifies this perfectly by calling out those concerned about the safety of GMO’s as “ignorant” while attempting to equate them with “conspiracy theorists” who believe that “Paul McCartney is dead”, “Elvis is alive”, “the moon landing actually occurred on a Hollywood set”, and so on.

After comparing the very real dangers of GMO’s to some far out theories, they make the statement that having such a viewpoint is harmful – as if being concerned about one of the worlds most aggressive corporations is somehow dangerous.

In fact, Monsanto has not only attempted to smear Dr. Oz and the World Health Organization for educating the public about the dangers of GMO’s and other Monsanto products, but they even suppress academics who don’t go along with their talking points.

In fact, over 30,000 doctors around Latin America want all of Monsanto’s products permanently banned because of safety concerns, yet you will never hear this from corporate shills like Tyson.

The article also criticized Chipotle for removing all GMO ingredients from their menus. They claim that Chipotle is “validating ignorance and hysteria”. It is very seldom that a fast food chain will stand up to the Monsanto Mafia and do something as daring as to boycott GMO’s from their whole line of products.

The Truth Is That Monsanto’s Products Are Nothing But Harmful

Not only are biotech companies suppressing opposition, but from their perspective it’s for good reason.

If people understood the truth about GMO’s and toxic chemicals like glyphosate, then they would go out of business in a flash because they offer nothing for the consumer except broken promises and a degradation of their and their families health.

Whenever a corporation or government wants the population to accept something, they have to sell it as if it were a good thing.

In the case of GMO’s, the sell is that GMO’s are supposed to increase yields, lower pesticide use and even increase the nutritive value of the food. Each of these promises have turned out to be nothing more than corporate propaganda.

According to numerous studies, GMO’s do not increase yields, lower pesticide use, and they most certainly do not make the food any more nutritious. In fact, they act as polar opposites to each of these very things.

Additionally, a routinely attacked study published in 2009 showed that male lab rats which were fed a lifetime of GMO’s grew horrifying tumors and 50% of them died early; for females it was 70%. No wonder Monsanto’s profits have been falling dramatically.

On top of all of this, polls have consistently shown that 93-95% of Americans want GMO’s labeled. We’re not even talking about banning them, just common sense labeling so that you can determine for yourself what you want to put in your own body – something that the biotechnology industry is deathly afraid of.

Follow Your Truth – Not Scientific Hacks

Interestingly, this documentary is exactly what Monsanto has wanted. As exposed by Freedom of Information Act requests by Pro GMO labeling group US Right To Know (USRTK), in 2013 Monsanto executives and former Forbes writer, biotech media ally, and convicted wife beater Jon Entine corresponded about possibly setting up a documentary film with the goal of pushing GMO propaganda on the public. They apparently got their wish.

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