Need More Proof That The Music Industry Is Fake? Here You Go


Need More Proof That The Music IndustryWe all know that our favorite artists have great voices right? Wrong!

Nowadays, anyone who stands behind a microphone can be famous. The computer’s voice is adjusted, songs are written by large groups of professionals and the artist – talent or no talent – is only necessary to complete the project.

We no longer look at young women who stand almost naked on stage and perform there all kinds of vulgar actions. You need the support of a major music corporation such as Universal Music to score a hit.

If a person is willing to sell the soul – a term often used by artists – in exchange for fame and money, the record company does the rest.

Several great artists have already pointed out that a large part of the music is used for mind control. ODB of the Wu-Tang Clan is a good example.

And superstar Roseanne Barr said recently that the entertainment industry is influenced by MK-ULTRA, a secret project of the CIA. The CIA has been involved from the start in the music industry. The intelligence service has a special department that deals with it.

In this film titled ‘Sony kills music’ you can see how Michael Jackson music giant Sony exposes. As the video below of media company RT shows music is used to brainwash the masses. Each song can be a hit as long as it is being promoted by the major music machine. The video makes it clear that a large part of the music industry has to do nothing with music.