Monsanto: Crimes Against Humanity

Monsanto – A Crime Against Humanity

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the food your grandparents consumed, because genetically modified crops [ powered by Monsanto ] have spread their toxic attributes across the globe. As their damaged genetics spread, their potential harm is being denied, and scientists who speak out are persecuted.


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Big businesses seek to produce big profits. Most big businesses will do whatever it takes to maximize their profits, despite the consequences that may result. An example of this is the biotechnology industry. Biotech companies like Monsanto are genetically engineering food crops such as corn, potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, and others; without adequate testing to insure they will not harm the humans and animals that consume them. Without adequately testing for safety while bribing the regulators and politicians, they are pushing potentially life threatening foods on the entire human population and threatening the biosphere.

A couple year old documentary from 2009 called “Scientists Under Attack” is discussed in a recent Infowars YouTube video. The documentary details how scientists who blew the whistle on the dangers of genetically modified foods have faced severe persecution. For example, after performing tests on mice that determined genetically modified potatoes produced multiple health problems in mice (immunity problems, regarded growth, organ failure, etc), one scientist was hailed as a hero by his employer. However, the next day, a call came in from the UK Prime Minister’s office. The person who called put pressure on his employer, and the next day he was fired.

During the documentary and the discussion about it on YouTube, the specific dangers of these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are discussed. In many scientific tests, they have produced organ failure, cancer, infertility, and other illnesses in lab animals. However, Monsanto ignored the results of these tests, even when their own scientists urged them to do additional testing. It is also discussed now the FDA is in league with biotechnology companies like Monsanto, and ignores evidence of the dangers of GMO crops; and allowing GMO products to be sold unlabeled as such.

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One big issue the documentary addresses is the fact that the product of the one specific gene inserted into the genetically modified organism does not produce the health problems in lab animals. This is known for a fact, because the insecticides produced by the inserted gene was fed to lab animals, and did not produce toxicity. However, the insertion process used to inject the gene into the plant seems to have done general genetic damage to the organism. Instead of just one gene being changed, many genes may have been changed. Monsanto and other companies did not investigate this.

Yet another danger of GMOs is that their genes can spread to other crops. When pollen is released from genetically modified crops, the wind can spread the pollen, and their genes can spread to other farms. The result is that farmers who had no desire to grow genetically modified crops end up doing so against their will. In the documentary genetic modifications are found to have spread a thousand miles, from the closest farm where genetically modified crops are grown.

What makes matters worse is when companies like Monsanto find out that farms have been contaminated with their toxic genes, they sue the farmers! They demand that the farmers pay THEM money to use the genetic modifications, because they claim the farmers STOLE the genes. This is insane. The farmers should be getting money from Monsanto for having their property damaged and contaminated.

One very concerning issue brought up was the fact that Monsanto hired a PR firm that created two fake online identities, who claimed to be scientists that went around the internet pushing the agenda that GMO food is safe. This is blatant manipulation of the public debate to push an agenda that has resulted in harm to human beings.

Could certain energy companies be doing the same thing, by creating fake online personas to try and discredit free energy? It seems very possible, when there are obviously misleading individuals — attacking every free energy claim — going by obviously false names such as “Mary Yugo,” one of the first names to post comments in nearly any controversial free energy news page, such as the E-Cat.

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Other issues are brought up in the video as well. For example…

  • How almost all of certain crops in the USA (such as corn) have been contaminated due to cross pollination with GMOs. Almost all of the food we eat is now contaminated to some amount with the toxic genes of GMOs.
  • How the levels of growth hormones in milk is higher than many biotech companies want to reveal. This could be leading to the epidemic of early puberty in females, and the soaring cancer rates.
  • How the consumption of genetically modified foods over three generations made mice infertile. Also, pigs who ate genetically modified corn became infertile in one study. This could be part of the reason why human birthrates are declining in many nations.
  • How some of the illnesses people are experiencing today could come from eating GMOs, but the full effects may not show up for generations.

All of this leads to the big question, “Could GMOs end up doing devastating damage to our species in the years to come?”

If what takes place in animals happens to humans (this seems to be taking place), in a couple generations birth rates could plummet, birth defects could soar, and the population could go down dramatically. This could fit right in with the plans of the globalists, who want to reduce the Earth’s population to a fraction of what it is today, down to a “manageable” 500 million.

Check out the following two-part video from Infowars, and decide for yourself what is taking place.

Part 1

Part 2

By Hank Mills

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