dogs 7Despite being beaten and detained by authorities, this man continues to infiltrate slaughterhouses in China and rescue dogs with other activists.

Yes, the time has come. In China, a week-long event known as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival is taking place, much to the distaste of animal rights activists in the country and around the world.

It is estimated that every year, 10 to 20 million dogs are killed for their meat.

While some are doing their part by sharing articles such as this one to raise awareness about the outdated festival, others are actually venturing to the event to rescue dogs before they’re killed.

American activist Marc Ching is one such individual. According to Mashable, Ching has suffered beatings and threats, yet still continues to sneak into slaughterhouses to rescue canines.

In partnership with other animal lovers in China, he has helped rescue 1,000 dogs from being skinned alive.

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Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

After the abused dogs are rescued, Ching transports them to shelters and foster care so they may have a chance at life.

The activist wrote on his non-profit’s Facebook page:

“We have shut down six slaughterhouses, have five pending, and are on our way to visit a dozen more. To those that thought it was impossible – it is becoming possible.”

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Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

He is relentless in his quest to put an end to the barbaric festival. Sometimes he sneaks into slaughterhouses pretending to be a buyer, and other times he’s successful in persuading owners of the establishments to stop their cruel activities. If he has to offer them some financial incentive, he does not withhold.

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Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram
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Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram

This is the 7th time Ching has traveled to Asia to saved abused dogs. His actions have not only influenced activists around the world, they’ve inspired Chinese citizens to protest and boycott the festival and get involved in rescue efforts.

Because of this, fewer dogs are being killed at the festival, according to Wendy Higgins of the Humane Society International.

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Credit: AnimalHopeAndRescueFoundation Instagram