How to lead a stress free lifestyle

How you can kick stress out of your life


The biggest health threat for people today isn’t cancer or heart disease. According to experts, stress is the major havoc causing both physical and emotional suffering.

Every day we worry about hectic jobs, chaotic home life, bad habits such as unhealthy eating, and bills all the time.

All these can lead to a mountain of stress, which when not checked, can be a risk factor to serious health conditions.

If you are suffering from stress, there are some simple things you can do to enjoy a more stress-free life which is manageable. Read on and you will have an idea how you can kick stress out of your life.

Eat natural foods

There is nothing worse than when you are trying to give a speech or take an exam when running on an empty stomach. This goes for normal home activities as well. By choosing a more natural diet you will function better and be able to deal with daily activities, shows numerous studies. Some of the foods you should include in your plate are: Vegetables, Grains, Fruits and Proteins such as lean meat.

Do something calming

What do you enjoy doing best and you feel calm when at it? Well, for some, it can be taking a nap or going to the gym. For others, it can be conducting household chores or taking a nature walk. The point is that you need to find that which calms you and try to do it each day. You can try: Reading if you are a fan of books, Taking a hot bath and Yoga.

Simplify your finances

There is plenty of evidence that issues to do with finances are one of the major causes of stress. It’s true that finances can drain your energy and give you a stressful life. If this is the case with you, try to simplify things as much as you can. If it’s possible, you can try:

· Shopping online for cheaper products
· Start saving and try paying out debts
· Find ways you can have fun without necessarily spending

Do one thing at a time

This is one of the simplest ways to keep stress at bay, and you can start it today. If it’s at work, clear your desk of distractions and pick one thing to work on. If it’s a report you need to write, do only that. Other important things to note include:

· Ensure that your phone doesn’t distract you when working. Put it on vibration if you must.
· For the moment you are concentrating on something, remove distractions such as email notifications to avoid confusion.
· Keep practicing doing one thing at a time in order to get better at it.

Take some time to meditate

Medini Kanathigoda – Teacher of Hatha Yoga | © Jolita Kelias

Whether you are trying to deal with past experiences or just preparing for an upcoming exam, developing a daily meditation practice can go a long way in combating your stressful situation. A number of researches show that this practice brings back the focus you need to deal with a situation. Here is what you need to do:

· Just sit in the seat you are in right now
· For about 10 minutes, keep in silence and focus on the issue at hand and think about it in a more positive way
· Ensure all your thoughts lead to the winning side and not regrets.

That’s it! You will feel much better and ready to take on your test or combat something that was stressing you.

Leading a stress free life style can be very easy when you consider these tips. Try each and you may be surprised that stress will be a thing of the past in your life.

Stress can lead to various diseases, some of which can be life threatening.

Author Bio | Flora is a part time medical student, who shares her view regarding health issues on many blogs. She is conducting a research on Ehic card (European health insurance card).

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