Washington, DC — On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance at an Israeli Independence Day Celebration in Washington where he promised some shiny new things to the No. 1 Apartheid state.

Let’s start here: Israeli Independence Day. Independence from what, exactly? The indigenous Palestinians who’ve had their land taken away and their women, men, and children displaced, tortured, and murdered? Ah, got to love independence. However, I digress. Let’s continue.

So Biden appeared at this pro-Israeli celebration, which was all fine and dandy until he did the unspeakable, the ridiculous, the absurd! He promised to deliver to Israel, by as early as next year, F-35 Fighter Jets.

You may be familiar with the the F-35 program, it’s expected to cost about $1.5 Trillion over it’s lifetime, has been plagued with many defects and delays (they still aren’t fully functional enough to mass produce), and has gone over budget multiple times. But now that the US taxpayer has footed the bill for this stealth fighter jet, oppressive foreign governments get to reap the rewards from the program.

It gets worse.

The Vice President actually said the following as he elaborated on his promise to give these pricey new gifts to Israel:
Next year we will deliver to Israel the F-35 joint strike fighter, our finest, making Israel the only country in the Middle East to have this fifth generation aircraft.

Why, you may ask? Well, it’s in order to assist Israel in maintaining its “qualitative edge.” Hmmm… interesting.

Essentially, the Vice President is gifting Israel with these extravagant new militarized aircraft as an apology for the recent nuclear deal with Iran. He might as well have said, “Hey, sorry about this whole thing with Iran, but HERE YA GO! This is to help you sustain your already superior military power in the Middle East. Why don’t you keep killing innocent Palestinians under the guise of ‘national security,’ with the assistance of these new gifts, and we’ll just call it even, eh?” 

Alternatively, maybe it is because one of the leading industries that contributes funds to this admirable politician, is the pro-Israeli industry? $199,000 doesn’t grow on trees, after all.

Pathetic, Mr. Vice President, just pathetic.

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