Iran Becomes 9th Country To Ban Animal Acts In CircusesAll around the world, the plight of animal rights activists is being received.

Not only did SeaWorld recently announce that it will officially end its orca breeding program, as well as phase out circus acts in all of its parks, the Ringling Brothers will soon begin retiring all circus elephants from its shows.

Now, the country of Iran has joined the growing list of nations to ban animal acts in circuses.

According to the country’s Department of the Environment, Iran will no longer issue permits allowing wildlife to perform in circuses.

The mandate will effectively end the practice in all 31 Iranian states.

Animal Defenders International reports that other countries who have already taken such bold standing for wild animals include Peru, Bolivia, Greece, Netherlands, Columbia, Slovenia, Paraguay, and Cyprus.

Activists can thank Animal Rights Watch for launching a “No to Circus!” campaign in 2014, which has been credited with national bans, along with at least 13 circuses around the world, ending the use of wild animal acts.