Illuminati, 9/11, Big Pharma, Oil Wars, Conspiracy – Bring Change by Being Happy !


Make it a goal to be happy, not to find proof of why you can not.

A lot of people are really interested in all kinds of news, truth movements, conspiracy theories that are actually true and so forth. People rage all over social media for others to wake up and how some scary elite is controlling their lives and our planet.

Many people are fear-mongering about the media’s fear-mongering!

Alternative news source clickbait-headlines about your food and water being poisoned are going viral.

I used to spend a lot of energy learning about all of this stuff. I saw it as really important for people to be informed about how bad of a state planet earth and our society was in!

I have spent several months reading, watching videos and lecturing people on how the world was going to shit and that the whole world was sleeping.

By spending energy on this material, I saw more of it everywhere. Confirmation bias.

Although you may not feel particularly afraid and you generally like to be well informed, you probably can see how focusing on these things may not benefit you. If not, let me share my view.

By seeing catastrophe, pain, deceit and all kinds of madness almost wherever you turn, you create your reality from this point of view. Your actions, your energy, your vibration, your entire way of life will emit a lack of trust – you expect negative things. And perhaps that everyone else is too numb to understand. A vibration of hopelessness.

By doing this your body will pump out the stress hormone cortisol and your body language will display that you are uncomfortable, creating a negative feedback loop that can result in people reacting negatively to you. (Read more here). This domino effect is not helping.

If you’re not happy, you’re not helping.Bentinho Massaro

The way to stop a thing you do not like is not to fight and resist it. Acknowledge it, and move on. Do not expend energy on it if it does not serve you. This will only create more resistance and negativity. Focus on your own evolution and happiness and you will see all the beauty in the world instead of all the suffering.

And if you are becoming more happy yourself by seeing the beauty, you actually are helping those who suffer.

Remember that you are the one in control of your state of being, and thus, your reality. Not Big Pharma, rich families, bankers, the aliens, the Illuminati or anyone else!

That is why it feels bad when you think and act like they are. It’s not true. It’s not in alignment with what you know deep inside.

So follow your heart and joy, and be a leading light helping the world revel in happiness!

Peace and love conspiring to help you,

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