Hungary Makes a Move – Escaping From the Rothschild System

Hungary Makes a Move Whenever we hear the name Rothschild we automatically think about the meaning of the word money and its true value. Until this point, it seems only Hungary has gathered its courage to say no to them.

Rothschild Banking System

It is true. It’s been more than 200 years since the Rothschild banking system has ruled the U.S. It’s no wonder they managed to remain the wealthiest family known by man.

But, the banking deal was not the only profitable way for them to obtain money.

They also achieved it through investments in coal, construction, and many more businesses.

To put it short, the Rothschild owns many banks. Among the biggest known to the world, we can mention the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

An even more subtle name would be ” Imposing Misery and Famine”.

What does it do you may wonder. More precisely, it feeds off on dying organizations and economies.

The bad part is that it owns not only people but also entire governments. The level of power held by IMF appears to be unstoppable. Even tough this may be, Hungary broke free from the clutches of their banking system.

This, of course, is outrageous taking into consideration how in 2008, Hungary was in desperate need of money. And guess who offered to help. No other than IMF and EU.

Based on a report of TapNewsWire, Hungary would not have survived an economic disaster if it weren’t for the $26 billion received.

This event happened way before Viktor Orbán’s election for the office.

Hungary Kicks Out Corrupt System

In 2013 things started to change. Gyorgy Matolcsy, current governor of the bank addressed a letter to Christine Lagarde Director of the IMF with the attempt to close the Office in Budapest. Furthermore, we have received another statement. On July 2016, Hungary guaranteed that they will fully pay back the entire loan by the end of the year.

Nice way to tie up loose ends. It’s no surprise that Orbán’s time during office has not really offered him a good partnership with IMF.

NeonNettle had more to say on the topic.

Paying the loan back early has meant Hungary have saved €11.7 million worth of interest expenses, but Gordan Bajnai, leader of the electoral alliance E14-PM, claimed that they had actually lost €44.86 million by March 2014 because of the early repayment as all they did was replace the loan from the [IMF] with a more expensive one, labelling the stunt as Propaganda.

And what made further nonsense; another loan at high interest rates was signed to finance a nuclear upgrade, which will mean not only higher repayments but also high electricity costs. But they do have economic sovereignty now.

As the central bank governor states, they are seeing significant results from their measures. The country’s deficit reached less than the EU ceiling of 3%, and the special taxes imposed on large companies seem to be healing the country’s funds.

New Era

More news coming up. Iceland was not late to follow. During 2014, it joined forces with Hungary who had already ended its debt of about $400 million. Furthermore, even Russia showed zero signs in bowing down to any Western countries. For this reason exactly, in 2005 Russia was able to become financially independent.

Thinking about it, it has been a while since a European country gave up on this type of banking system.  During the 1930s Germany did the same. This is the first time since then, that such an event takes place.

What more can we say, other than congratulating Hungary for its courage?  Now, are we to expect other countries to follow in its path? Will the Rothschild banking legacy prosper even more, or will it continue to fade?

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