Did you know that your conscious mind is only the smallest tip of a vast pyramid of knowledge within you? Your subconscious mind contains an enormous amount of knowledge, memories and wisdom that you are probably greatly underutilizing. Learning to unlock your subconscious mind can unleash your true potential and radically transform your life.

1. Finding your essential self – meditation

There are many ways to access your subconscious mind, but the most simple and direct is meditation. Meditation takes you deeper into your consciousness, allowing you to enter a state of being that is akin to dreaming. Your brain patterns become slower and more structured as the noise and chatter of everyday life starts to be peeled away.

In normal life, your brain is normally be functioning in the ‘beta’ pattern. This state is associated with alertness, but also with stress, anger and anxiety. In meditation, your brain patterns slow and calm down and move first to alpha and then to theta and, in deep meditation, delta patterns. As you enter this state of meditation you will notice a change in the quality of your thinking. Random thoughts may seemingly ‘pop into your head’ – these thoughts are actually not random at all but rather the thoughts of your subconscious mind beginning to assert itself on your consciousness. Your thoughts may begin to jump from one thing to another, seemingly totally unrelated idea. Take note – there will probably be a connection between these things that your conscious mind has not perceived. It is important to let your thoughts flow and bubble in this state. As you continue with your meditation practice you will become more adept at taking the position of ‘observer’ with your conscious mind. This is when you can really begin to reap the benefits of accessing your subconscious mind through meditation and you may even find radical, revolutionary solutions to current problems or dilemmas you are facing. Learn to trust these thoughts and see how they can be put into place in your daily life.

Meditation is quick to learn and does not take much time – the more regularly you are able to practice, the sooner you will experience its’ transforming power in your life.

2. Tap into your creativity

Your subconscious prefers to talk to you without words. Words are the domain of your conscious and logical mind – your subconscious prefers images, music and sounds. Tapping into your creative side can help your subconscious express itself. Many people have reported that practicing art, music, pottery or any other form of self-expression has opened up a side to their personality that they felt was always there but was not being able to be expressed. Cherishing and nurturing your creativity can help you come to live more authentically and in closer contact with your subconscious self.

3. Go with your instincts

When you are trying to make a decision or are confronted with a problem, the very first thing that comes to your mind is probably your subconscious talking. Usually when this happens, you will not be able to explain why you feel this way or why you think it is the ‘right’ decision, but in actual fact, these decisions that are made in the blink of an eye are usually incredibly perceptive and astonishingly accurate.

Your subconscious mind is always available to you, once you know the way to unlock the door. Once you start living your life in tune with your subconscious you will wonder how you ever got by before – once you are accessing your subconscious mind on a daily basis your life will truly be transformed.



  1. Great article, really nice little points made I also enter deep states through what bill is suggesting. what I suggest have a blank white piece of paper and have a black dot about the size of an eye pupil at eye level you can draw it with black pen. Stare and concentrate at this dot without blinking eyes its not easy but keep doing and you will find that you start to enter which there are no words for but I would say a very deep state of consciousness and through this you may enter into meditation.

  2. Friends–Enter “inner engineering isha yoga” on google and check if it is available in your area. I did the training 2 years back and it transformed my life. Amazing experience

  3. While following your breath, try just gazing at one spot in front of you. Just gazing – no more.
    If you notice that unwanted thoughts are coming in, then you’ll also notice that you can no longer see the spot you were gazing at.
    Return your gaze to the spot & the thoughts evaporate.
    I find it the quickest & easiest way to quiet the back-ground ‘chatter’ & relax into a meditation.
    Peace, love & happiness! :)

  4. Meditation works for me and Luis, yes, I also experience “scatter” the first 15 to 20 minutes. After that my mind gets calm and then I feel I reach a higher stage. This is a really nice feeling, a feeling of oneness. I should meditate more often!

  5. Great article. I have been told that meditation does in fact work when you do it right. I’ve tried meditating before but I just can’t seem to concentrate. It seems that my conscious mind is taking over my unconscious mind though when I listen to instrumetals while I am high off canabis I can sense my unconscious mind because like you stated in the article, random thougths just start coming out without me even thinking about it. I am going to have to try meditating again and concentrate on my breathing in order to achieve the delta stage.

    • I agree, I too must learn this. I love how weed affects my worldview but this my be the next step for me. Good luck to both of us, see you in the delta stage brother.

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