Generating Electricity With Wind And Without Blades

Generating Electricity With Wind And Without Blades

The renewable energy “revolution” gains more and more warriors every single day.

Some people may only be in it for the monetary gain; others are trying to save the world.

One fact remains the same through all of it; simple, 100 year old technologies discovered by scientists like Nikola Tesla and Michael Faraday are getting some high tech and hi-yield results.

Welcome the inventive minds at Vortex Bladeless.

These insightful Anons have come up with a “wind-powered” electricity producing unit that has no blades and no moving parts “that touch each other”.

When compared to what we know as modern wind turbines, the research predicts these units will cost less than half to produce and operate, have only 20% of the maintenance costs, cut global power production costs by 40% and the “coup de gras” for this Tech? Drop our carbon footprint by 40%.

All of this sounds great but, what’s involved? How does it work? To put it into almost an insulting simple description (my apology to the inventors) Its a cone shaped tower that wiggles back and forth in the wind and produces electricity.

Yes, it’s a little too simple and degrading for some but remember, we need everyone from all walks of life to understand.

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How does it really work? The tower relies on a wind anomaly called “Von Karman Vortex street”. In 1911, physicist Theodore von Karman deciphered that when wind pushes past a structure such as a smokestack, the air forms a pattern of a swirling spiral motion or “vortex” as it passes around the object.

Vortex Bladeless wind turbines can revolutionize the way wind energy is produced

This turbulence also makes the structure oscillate at the sides and can be exceptionally destructive. The tower created by Vortex Bladeless uses this destructive anomaly to create a controlled oscillation paired with a coil and magnet generating system originally invented by Michael Faraday in the 1830’s.

As the tower moves to and fro, a complement of magnets and coils pass each other and create electricity. It’s the same basic operation that keeps a small gasoline engine running or makes a “shake” flashlight work but, on a much larger scale.

You can check out the founders video below.

As for the cost cutting claims? There’s no reason for them to not be true. From the information released by Vortex bladeless, there are no moving parts that touch each other.

No ball bearings, gears, bushings, linkages, clutches… nothing. In this case no touching means no lubrication, no parts wearing out and less maintenance in every direction. It also means even lower costs to produce the units.

Does it really work? Yes it does and the predictions on the company’s website are pretty phenomenal if you understand the generating rates and figures.

The current test prototypes reach six meters tall and have given this startup company to confidence to set up a crowdfunding campaign starting in June of 2015. The first domestic / small business Vortex will also be introduced in 2015.

This will be a 12.5 meter unit to generate about 4kw and work in as little as a 3.3 mph wind. Within three years a 100 meter tall unit with capability of generating 1Mw will be introduced.

Watch out big oil… there’s more gunning for you now than ever.


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