DEA Admits Marijuana Is DeA new head of the DEA means a new DEA and Chuck Rosenberg’s recent statement that “heroin is clearly more dangerous than marijuana” signals and end to the drug war, at least for marijuana.

Rosenberg took over in May of 2015 when corrupt DEA director, Michele Leonhart, was forced to resign amidst scandal that she condoned sex parties between DEA agents and prostitutes, paid for by drug cartels, for years.

Rosenberg’s clear headed statement that “heroin is clearly more dangerous than marijuana” is a breath of fresh air and a representation of modern science.

The statement follows a study that challenges previous research linking teenage marijuana use with physical and mental health issues.

In this study, 408 people were tracked from adolescence to their 36th birthday by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Members of the study were grouped into four categories, low or non-users, early chronic users, those who only smoked marijuana during adolescence and those who started using the drug as teens and continued into their adult years.

They found that smoking pot as an adolescent had no extensive health problems later on in life.

After controlling for cigarette smoking, socioeconomic status and drug use, they concluded no links between marijuana use in adolescence and physical or mental health problems, including depression or asthma.

The lead researcher of the study, Jordan Bechtold, was suprised. “There were no differences in any of the mental or physical health outcomes that we measured regardless of the amount or frequency of marijuana used during adolescence.”