If you control water you control life


If you control water, you control everything

Rain pours from clouds; Clouds are formed by condensed water vapor; And water vapor is formed when water is heated enough either by the sun or by boiling.

Rain is an important element. It quenches the earth’s thirst, and in turn the earth feeds us. We humans are dependent on water. Our bodies are made up of about 80% of water, and can go longer without food than water.

Everything in the ecosystem works in harmony. The rest of creation for mankind and mankind for the rest of creation. But lets say man deals wickedly with the earth. Lets say man becomes blind by his/her own selfishness and doesn’t care for the harmony between all creation.

All he/she cares about is power and the medium used to obtain that power. What would the earth look like? What would the spiritual state of mankind look like?

Take a look at the world today and you will find the answer.

It only takes few men who are fueled by a selfish ambition to destroy everything that gives life. We have that today.

These few men, by way of industry, are destroying earth and man. From the pollution of the waters, to the toxic air coming from these “oil plants” that’s causing miscarriages and deformities in babies; from commerce to media, It all is destroying the earth and mankind, physically and spiritually.

Oil is running out, and after watching a documentary titled “Blue Gold,” I am convinced that water will be, and in most cases already is, the new oil.

These wicked men who run these corporations see water as something to “invest” in. Not just to bring in money, but to gain more power.

If you control water, you control life.

Many corporations in the past has privatized water in certain countries such as Bolivia in south America.

The people there protested because they couldn’t pay for the water, and things got violent. The riot police, who were all Bolivians, shot at the rioting civilians to protect the evil interest of North America and Europe.

Think about that. How do you privatize water? How can you conjure up the nerve to do such evil, and then have the audacity to fight off and even kill people when they protest because they are dying of thirst…??! (The Bolivians had success in their protest.)

These machine men have no regard for life. What they do regard is profit because the more money you have the more powerful you are. But we are now starting to see that the more keys you control that’s contingent on mankind’s existence, the greater power you have. And we see that these men who are possessed with devils are pursuing the latter.

Its kind of scary to think that a few men basically control whether you live or die, isn’t it?….What can we do?

The beast (kingdoms) of this earth are ran by wicked and selfish men and these wicked men are against life; They show it in their actions. Our hope is love; Unity and sacrificial love. Sacrificial love is the only sword sharp enough to pierce the flesh of these beasts. The only problem is, are we willingly to pursue selflessness to sharpen that sword?

In the context of pursuing love and unity, we need skilled men and women who are or pursuing to be good stewards of the earth. Men and women who have the knowledge and skills to build sustainable homes. Men and women who have the skills to build sustainable gardens. Men and women who have the knowledge of natural medicine…etc.

It is a lot of work to be done.

R. Uzzyah | SimplyHealed

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