Chemical Use Is a Solution? DAPL Protesters in Danger situation at Standing Rock does not seem to get better at all. Now, chemical use also appears to be an issue for the people trying to protect their land.

As if what happened until now wasn’t enough, it appears the situation takes another turn, but not in good.

Dangerous Chemical Used to Scare Tribes?

Although we are getting closer and closer to the X-mas holidays, there are still some people who cannot afford to celebrate. We are talking about the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

They are on a long journey to try and protect their water from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This subject matter continues to raise questions. While writing for The Free Thought Project, Clair Bernish mentioned how a great number of Native Americans are suffering within the land of North Dakota.

She further mentions:

“[the Dakota Access Pipeline movement] isn’t environmental activism; it’s preservation of life, protection of a living entity — the Missouri River and Lake Oahe reservoir — as real as flesh, or plant, or animal. Opposing a potential threat of oil contamination to that water would never be a question — the Missouri has sustained generations and must sustain those to come.”

Sometimes it’s true. Pipelines often break and most of them become hidden from the public eye. Why? Mostly because they want to hide from the public what the people in North Dakota have to face.

Let’s take a look at statistics. Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P., for example, is trying its best to obtain Energy Transfer Partners (the company responsible for building the DAPL). Based on reports, ever since 2010, they did report over 200 pipeline spills.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also expressed his view on the illegal construction of the pipeline. After an interview taken at Standing Rock, Kennedy Jr. admitted how pipelines are always fragile and that sooner or later they will break.

We know the story behind the DAPL, so how come nobody is trying to put a stop to it?

Life in Danger. DAPL Battlefield

Today, the safety of these protesters becomes questioned. Another move began to be put in action against them and this time by using one chemical after another.

Merely for protecting their water, no other than the police took action against them. Whether we are talking about tear gas, pepper spray, grenades, these are all methods used to scare off the protesters.

But, what many might not know is that a lot of people ended up getting hurt. A woman was even shot in the head with a rubber bullet which could lead her to suffer permanent damage.

Another young woman Sophia Wilansky could even lose her arm after one of the grenades tore her flesh so bad that it reached the bone.

Why use these methods? One thing is clear: their lives are not safe around any type of chemical or police assaults.

Change in Plans?

Right now as we speak, people continue to protest at the site. One reporter at the face of the scene managed to get an interview with one front line medics.

Here’s what she experienced until now:

According to reports, dozens of people were hospitalized and many more injured. Nowadays it seems, this is what happens to peaceful people who believe in their rights and are praying for their land.

The police are in fact really aggressive which of course came as a shock for the peaceful protesters.

“We have had aircraft flying over our camp for several days . . . [and] they mostly come at night and have their lights off . . . they are using this space illegally. . . . Last night . . . there was an aircraft flying over camp from approximately 1:40am until about 2:20am this morning. [They are] spraying what we believe to be chemical agents down on top of us.”

What is there to do? These people are enduring and living in dangerous conditions. Surrounded by task forces there is no way to know how many more protesters will end up hurt.

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