Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying AR-15 Legally. This Is Crazy (Video)


Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying AR-15 Legally. This Is Crazy (Video)

Whether you watch mainstream or alternative news or simply browse social media, you’ve almost certainly heard about how the rights of citizens of the United States are continually taken away by police, especially if they are African American.

One of the most recent instances of what appears to be police brutality against a black male in the USA was the case of Freddie Gray, who was arrested aggressively enough for an eye witness to state it was likely the cause of his broken neck – an injury which eventually caused his death.

A week later, after Freddie died from his injuries, aggressive riots broke out in Baltimore.

While there is some mystery behind how exactly his spinal cord was severed, it just goes to show how the police often use needless force when arresting innocent (or otherwise unaggressive) citizens on a regular basis.

Not only that, Freddie had asked for medical attention multiple times during his arrest and transport yet it was denied to him.

My worry here is that we are continuing to see a lack of humanity in the police force, and repairing that trust, once broken, is a difficult task for society to undertake.

Do Cops Treat Races Differently?

In what is an interesting experiment executed by a group of people in the US, two males walk down the street LEGALLY with an AR-15. One of the guys is white and the other black. Their intention is to find out if the cops will treat either person differently based on their outward appearance. What you see in the video is pretty shocking, to say the least – perhaps what you might expect, but sad when you realize the reality of the situation.

Can We Fix The Obvious Problem We Have In North America?

I cannot speak as clearly when it comes to the police force outside of North America so I will focus on that for now, but I truly feel we have a tremendous problem on our hands when it comes to the police force. As a citizen of Canada I do not feel comfortable with an aggressive police force, where I literally have no idea what they will do to me or pin on me even as an innocent person walking around.

I believe they have way too much power, are unjustly protected, and operate within a gang-like culture, where corruption runs deep to the top of the police force and “good cops” are afraid to do the right thing and expose “their own kind.”

I’m not saying all cops are bad and corrupt, I’m simply saying that this problem is prevalent enough to be a serious concern that is likely to worsen with time. We face the troubling reality of further militarization of police along with an increasingly in-group mentality amongst these workers.

See also: Americans Are 58 Times More Likely To Be Killed By Cops Than Terrorists – Study

We cannot afford to allow this kind of “us versus them” ideology to worsen, to define our relationship with the law. The result of such a divide, visible even at this early stage, is that ordinary people, lacking trust in the police force, are faced with a troubling dilemma: if you can’t turn to the police to stop wrongdoing (even within the police force itself), to whom do you turn for help?


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