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    Liam S. Whittaker

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    First, Marijuana. Are Magic Mushrooms Next?

    In Oregon and Denver, where marijuana is legal for recreational use, activists are now pushing toward a psychedelic frontier: “magic mushrooms.” Groups in both states...

    The Soros reign: a Romanian example

    Romania is one of the European countries which is most oriented towards the Atlanticist geopolitical project. Despite its Orthodox Christian people, its elites always follow...

    German state orders crosses mounted at government buildings

    Bavaria's conservative government is ordering Christian crosses to be placed at the entrance of all state administrative buildings. The regional government says the crosses shouldn't...

    Exxon, Suncor sued for stoking climate change

    Coastal cities like New York and San Francisco have already started legal battles with oil giants for knowingly fueling climate change. Now, landlocked communities in...

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