How Amazonian Warriors Fight Deforestation


Amazonian Warriors Fight Deforestation by Hunting and Pantsing Illegal Loggers

The Amazonian jungle is a dangerous enough place without agitating its inhabitants. Do that and you’re apt to rouse a sleeping dragon.

In this case, the dragon happens to be a group of Amazonian Indians known as the Ka’apor — a tribe that migrated to the area now known as the Alto Turiaçu Indigenous Reserve centuries ago.

The Ka’apor are defending their neck of the woods from loggers, who are sacking precious timber from a supposedly “protected” part of world’s largest rainforest in Brazil.

Yes, that’s a tribesman chasing a logger with a stick. Yes, they pantsed him.

Quite frankly, it’s 100 percent awesome.

Which isn’t to say that violence is cool, but they’re not exactly beheading their enemies here.


Plus, it’s evident that nobody else is going to come to their defense, particularly a government that’s yet to make good on its obligations to protect them.

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What else are they supposed to do? Destroying the means by which others would destroy their homes seems like a reasonable place to start.


It’s a clear sign that the incursions into nature’s few remaining frontiers have reached critical mass. Those whose ancestors have lived in harmony with the rainforest, like many other native groups around the world, are making their last stand before facing extinction by extraction.

Sending these violators off pant-less, bodies and egos bruised, is a still more merciful expulsion than their feistier forefathers dealt rubber-hunting caucheros decades ago.

It’s easy to get caught up in our lives here in the civilized world, but we can’t forget that the Amazon is one of the most important regions for sustaining life on the planet.


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