Afghan Opium Production 40 Times Higher Since US-NATO Invasion

Afghan Opium Production 40 TimesNobody ever thought that the U.S invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 would deal so much damage. Unfortunately, it is true..

Raise of Opium as a Shock

The levels of opium did start to increase. And not only that.

Ever since NATO made their move on Afghanistan, organized crime seems now to be more of an issue than it was before.

Viktor Ivanov, leader of the FSKN, debated throughout a March U.N. conference the exceeded drug situation on Afghanistan soil.

Based on his analysis, the growth of opium no longer remains within the limits known until now.

With an increase of about 18%, Ivanov believes that opium now extends over 154,000 hectares, instead of the estimated 131,000 that we knew of.

Based on recent news, Ivanov went even further stating:

“Afghan heroin has killed more than one million people worldwide since the ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ began and over a trillion dollars has been invested into transnational organized crime from drug sales.”

Long before America did invade Afghanistan, some problems appeared. Even tough the Taliban banned opium, somehow it continued to exist.

Not only that but the U.S. along with its allies received numerous accusations. What were they about?

Using Opium for Different Causes

For starters, it seems not only did America encourage but it also offered help with the production of opium within Afghanistan.

Based on the statistics revealed by Viktor Ivanov, just 1% of the entire quantity was destroyed.

“International community has failed to curb heroin production in Afghanistan since the start of NATO’s operation.”

With a production that exceeds 90% of opium produced in the entire world, Afghanistan plays a significant role. At this point, the drug becomes used for different purposes.

One of them is the further production of drugs. Not only heroin but many other lethal substances are known to be shipped throughout the entire country.

In a poor and war-affected country like Afghanistan, businesses involving drug production are the key. By continuing to manufacture opium Afghani communities manage to earn themselves a living.

Some information was received from the U.N.. Based only on this drug, the trades established with other countries solely reached 19% of Afghanistan’s GDP in 2009.

Both the U.N. office but also Drugs and Crime believe that an estimate of about 43% of all the drugs produced in Afghanistan, are then moved through Pakistan.

Nowadays, news of the Islamic State Group taking over the production of opium comes as no surprise. Just in November, we have discovered evidence that the group reached over $US 1 million just through trades.

How much will drugs continue to rule these countries? How far will the production of drugs go?

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