5 Facts About Cartoons That Will Ruin Your Childhood

The wacked-out world of cartoon conspiracy theories


The-wacked-out-world-of-cartoon-conspiracy-theories-2You thought Snow White was just about the banishment of a beautiful, innocent girl?

Wrong. It’s actually all about doing coke, say The Conspiracy Zone.

Snow White is slang for ‘blow’ and the dwarfs are said to represent the seven stages of addiction – Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful and Doc.


Yeah, those little blue guys aren’t as sweet as they seem. The Smurfs wear pointed white hats, much like the KKK.

The villain of the programme is a money obsessed, long-nosed, dark-haired chap called Gargamel, with a cat called Azrael – the angel of death in Jewish folklore. And they salute like Nazis, too:


A Reddit user has claimed that Wall-E ain’t the cute little robot he purports to be. No no, this guy has a murky past. Read the theory below:


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“‘Tommies’ were the British soldiers and ‘Jerries’ the Germans”, says pop culture writer Jim McLennan. “I laughed about the coincidence at the time, but I’m not laughing so hard now.” McLennan claims that “the most disturbing thing about this theory is that Jerry is the good guy, the peace-loving victim of Tom’s evil schemes, but who usually wins due to his superior intelligence.”



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OK, so we’ve all suspected for a while that Spongebob might be a little stoned. But one cultural thinker, posting on a Matazone forum, has widened his gaze to the entire cast. “I have determined that SpongeBob SquarePants is all about drugs”, says Righteous. “(Spongebob) is always really, really happy, energetic and, occasionally, paranoid. If he ever is in a bad mood, it’s the result of a major crash. He never just gets mellow then sad. He goes from really happy to really sad or really angry. There’s no middle ground.”

He then goes on to hypothesise that SpongeBob’s starfish BFF, Patrick Star, is a stoner (“he laughs at stupid things and eats all the time”) and that Squidward Tentacles is on heroin (“with all his arms, he’d have no problems shooting up”). Also, Mr Krabs is on coke and moonlights as a drug dealer (“he’s really uppity and notice how he’s always concerned about money… Notice how few people there are in the Krusty Krab. How does he keep his business afloat? It’s just a front and a little extra money for Mr Krabb to cover his drug operation”).

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