1000’s of Personal Details of Facebook Users Submitted to GovernmentFacebook has fulfilled the request of the government by submitting the information of the over 6039 profiles – and adding 1160 profiles of emergency situations.

Overall, the government asked for the 7199 profiles of personal information.

According to the reports, Facebook has fulfilled the government request, with the 6,039 accounts submitted for criminal investigations and other related things; while the 1160 accounts were for emergency purposes only.

In most of the cases, Facebook documented the following reasons for the submissions as emergency situations, court matters, search warrants, identification matters and cyber-crime cases or investigation. Facebook has revealed that this is common practice, “This report is part of our ongoing effort to share more information about the requests we receive from governments in countries where our service is available.

This report provides country-level information, consistent with applicable law, about:

1. government requests for data about people who use the Facebook family of products including Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

2. content restrictions in places where our services are otherwise available. We intend to release this information on a regular basis,” Facebook stated.