These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules AmericaSure, we had heard of Skull and Bones, but we had no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes.

And there were so many more, we could have been here for hours…

Some people might be irritated or even outraged by this report. No offense is intended, but for a tight-knit handful, any type of exposure is an unwelcome event.

Such is the nature of attempting to examine under the bedrock of the secret infrastructure with creepy and crawling creatures scattering, and attempting to remain hidden.

The secret establishment and the secret proceedings of those who operate real power are not meant for all eyes.

Out of the traditions of ancient sects of occultic knowledge comes a modern American oligarchy based on the roots of the nation’s oldest and most reputed institutions of higher learning. And there may be a lot you didn’t know about them already.

The higher teachings do, in fact, reveal a different set of teachings, a different class of students, a different class of wealth and privilege, and a different clearance for secrets, intelligence, and business operations.

Is it true that in the world’s freest society, that the American dream really resides under one large glass ceiling? It holds back not just certain minority groups, but anyone who is uninitiated, and therefore ignorant of the truth about so many important matters.

Networking is the power of fraternities, and of successful and wealthy organizations alike; secret societies intensify this, and focus its power. These are repeated at campus after campus, and are interlocked with the halls of government and industry in each state and region.

Behind the veil, a who’s who of the power elite, linked together like a chain to their founding institutions, to a secret bond, sealed in the particular rituals and mysteries of each chapter.

Only a dedicated, and unaffiliated, historian could piece together the full story, but it is clear that We The People have been locked out and shut out of the real proceedings, and our perceived power as a constitutional Republic with democratic flairs proves to be more and more illusory.

So too, the explanations for wars, political movements and major historical events – which have been explained to American people as though from a parent to a small child.

So much we didn’t know and so much we still don’t know, but one thing is for certain — Everything the average person believes about how things are really being run in this country is wrong.