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Life Without Money Irishman Mark Boyle tried to live life with no income, no bank balance and no spending. Here's how he finds it. If someone told me seven years ago,...

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Scotland Produced Enough Wind Energy To Power Every Home In October According to new numbers published by WWF Scotland this week, wind turbines generated enough electricity in October to power...


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Solar Electricity Projected To Be Cheaper Than Power Grid By 2016 According to a recent estimate released by the International Energy Agency, solar will be the world’s primary source of...

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Wristband Lets Your Friends Know You're Too Drunk To Function Usually, you can just look at your friend and realize they've had a little too much to drink. Well, there...


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Prescription drugs cause over 100,000 deaths per year and cause another 1.5 million people to experience side effects so severe they must be hospitalized. Adverse drug reactions are now the...

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Nutrition Nonsense: 'Health' Foods That Can Kill You Sometimes you have to be wary of the ‘health’ food advice you hear rumored in the blog-o-sphere. While many of the foods...

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Doctors, Scientists and Survivors Break Their “Code Of Silence” And Expose The Truth About Cancer The cancer industry tells us lie after lie about the safety of toxic treatments and...